Would you eat your plate and spoon ?

Ever gone to a restaurant and after finishing your meal you see your fellow diners devouring their plate, spoons and cups? You would think they have gone crazy.

Well this is what Sheryl Mboya, a student at Mt Kenya university innovated. Through her company Snack IT, Sheryl has invented edible cutlery to replace kitchenware that is made from non-biodegradable material such as metal and glass.

Her innovation is an environmental friendly alternative to single use plastics.

Just like how one can consume their cone after consuming ice cream, is the same way once can consume their plate, spoon or cup after eating or drinking its contents.

The cutlery is made from completely edible food stuff and she has taken into consideration the diet, taste,  and the preference of the end user.

The basic ingredient she uses in her innovation is gluten free flour to cater to those with gluten allergy.

She uses also sugar substitutes like stevia to ensure the products are sugar free thus minding the overall health of the consumer while ensuring the items are tasty.

She has curated her products to meet the demand and the taste preferences of her diverse market.

She has partnered with Kenya airways to roll it out in the aviation industry once her innovation is complete.

Her and team were able to develop the perfect formula to hold the structure of the cutlery in a way that they are able hold liquids and one can be able to chew into them.

Her aim is to contribute to the conservation of the environment by manufacturing bio degradable products to replace single use plastics.

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Sherly is a perfect example of what the Kenyan youth can do if given an opportunity.

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