Which is the cheapest Wi-Fi in Kenya?

There has been a raging debate over which is the cheapest Wi-Fi here in Kenya.

We sought to find out by analyzing different internet solutions offered by the main telecoms in Kenya.

The internet companies that we analyzed are;

We divided the internet solutions into two; fiber and data bundles.

Both are distinct services as one is measured in terms of speed while the other is measured in terms of amount of data. It wouldn’t be prudent to combine them as we would get inaccurate results.

Cheapest fiber solution in Kenya

8 Mbps-Ksh 2,900.0030 Mbps –Ksh 5,000.0010 Mbps-Ksh 2,499.00
20 Mbps-Ksh 3,999.0050 Mbps-Ksh 10,000.0020 Mbps-Ksh3,999.00
40 Mbps-Ksh 5,999.0075 Mbps-Ksh 15,000.0060 Mbps-Ksh 4,999.00
100 Mbps-Ksh 11,999.00125 Mbps-Ksh 20,000.00 

As shown in the above table, we analyzed the fibre solutions offered by Safaricom, JTL and Zuku to determine the cheapest among the three.

Zuku offers an internet speed of 60 Mbps at cost of Ksh 4,999.00, Safaricom has an internet speed of 40 Mbps at a cost of 5,999.00 while JTL offers an internet speed of 50 Mbps at a cost of Ksh 10,000.00.

If you do a comparison of the three fibre speeds that fall in the same range, you will find that Zuku offers a higher speed at a relatively low price compared to the others. Therefore you can conclude that Zuku offers the cheapest fibre solutions.

Cheapest daily data bundles

500MB – Ksh 99.0070MB –Ksh 10.0070MB –Ksh 10.001GB –Ksh 50.00
150MB –Ksh 50.00200MB-Ksh 20.00200MB-Ksh 20.00 
50MB –Ksh 20.00600MB –Ksh 50.00700MB-Ksh 50.00 
15MB –Ksh 10.002GB – Ksh 99.00700MB + 700MB Night-Ksh 60.00 
7MB –Ksh 5.00 2GB-Ksh 100.00 

From the table above you can see that Faiba has a package of 1GB at a price of Ksh 50.00.

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When you check the other telecoms, you’ll notice that if you were to purchase bundles worth Ksh 50.00 you would purchase data worth less than 1GB i.e. Safaricom you would get data worth 150MB, Airtel data worth 600MB while Telkom data worth 700MB.

Therefore we can deduce that when it comes to daily data bundles, Safaricom is the most expensive while Faiba is the cheapest Wi-Fi.

Cheapest weekly data bundles

100MB – Ksh 50.00350MB –Ksh 50.00350MB –Ksh 50.008GB –Ksh 300.00
350MB –Ksh 99.00750MB-Ksh 100.00750MB-Ksh 100.0015GB-Ksh 500
1GB –Ksh 250.003GB–Ksh 250.002.5GB-Ksh 250.00 
3GB –Ksh 500.006.5GB-Ksh 500  

From the above table, you can see that for Ksh 250, you can purchase data worth 1 GB in Safaricom, 3 GB in Airtel and 2.5 GB in Telkom.

With Faiba, if you add Ksh 50 more, you can purchase data worth 8 GB for Ksh 300.00.This is 8 times the data purchased in Safaricom, 2.6 times in Airtel and 3.2 times in Telkom.

Therefore we can conclude that when it comes to weekly data bundles, Safaricom is the most expensive, followed by Telkom then Airtel.

Faiba from JTL has the cheapest weekly data bundles.

Cheapest monthly data bundles

350MB – Ksh 250.003GB –Ksh 300.002GB-Ksh 250.0025GB-Ksh 1000.00
2GB –Ksh 500.005GB –Ksh 500.005GB-Ksh 500.0040GB –Ksh 2000.00
5GB –Ksh 1000.0012GB-Ksh 1000.0012GB-Ksh 1000.0070GB-Ksh 3000.00
15GB –Ksh 2000.0020GB-Ksh 1500.0030 GB-Ksh 1000.00(use a maximum of 1 GB a day)120GB-Ksh 4000.00
25GB-Ksh 3000.0030GB-Ksh 2000.0030GB-Ksh 2000.00210GB-Ksh 6000.00
 50GB-Ksh 3000.0050GB-Ksh 3000.00 

From this table, we can deduce that Safaricom has the most expensive monthly data bundle while Faiba has the cheapest data bundle. Here’s why ;

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If you had Ksh 3000 you would get the best value for your money if you purchase Faiba bundles as you would get data worth 70 GB as compared to Safaricom which you would get a paltry 25 GB .For both Airtel and Telkom you would get data worth 50 GB.


After analyzing different internet solutions from the tables above, we can conclude that Zuku has the cheapest fibre solution while Faiba is the cheapest Wi-Fi in Kenya.

We have also shown that Safaricom is the most expensive Wi-Fi .This should not come as a surprise as we see Safaricom posting billions of profit year after year as a result.

Bear in mind, Safaricom has invested heavily on infrastructure and that’s why their Wi-Fi is expensive so as to try and recover the cost.

As a result, they have the strongest network with a wide coverage and that’s why  most people prefer it to other networks. So they opt to continue paying more for Wi-Fi regardless of the cost as the alternative networks are not reliable.

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