What business can I start with 5k in Kenya?


If you excel in one area of academia or are an expert on other topics that people want to learn more about, consider tutoring online!

You could teach the subject matter from home or find someone who is proficient in the area you want to teach, and then hire them as your assistant. People are constantly looking for tutors on sites like Tutor.com or Wyzant.

Alternatively ,if you are a teacher or tutor at home, then try getting in touch with parents directly so that they can hire you for their kids. You’ll need to have your own room and be able to give reliable hours!

Do freelance photo work:

If you are good in photography and photo shop, then it’s easy to find clients all over the internet that need someone with your skillset.

You can offer services such as stock photos to other companies for quick cash!

Computer repair service

There is always someone who needs help fixing their computer .

If you are really good with computers or have been told you are, this is an easy way to make money.


If you enjoy children and don’t mind the late hours, then consider babysitting! You can charge by the hour which makes it easier for parents who need a break from their kids on occasion.

Keep in mind that this takes a lot of trust on the parent’s behalf.


If you have an eye for clothes or a talent in fashion, start your own boutique! You’ll be able to design and create clothing yourself or work with others on designing pieces.

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You do not have to have a physical store .You can sell things online on your social media platforms.

Interior Design

If you have a good eye for design and want to help people with their own homes, then start your own interior decorating service!

You can work from home or open up an office space. This is perfect if you’re not comfortable working in front of others all day long but still want the satisfaction of helping someone decorate their space.

Virtual Assistant

If you’re a whiz with numbers, then managing someone’s finances can be your forte.

Virtual assistants are in high demand as they provide a service that most people need but do not want to hire an accountant or bookkeeper full time.

So what business can I start with Ksh 5000-10,000?

The short answer is: it depends on your skills, experience level and the location you choose to work from.

We recommend that people who want to get started take advantage of free online training programs that are available locally and online.

If you live in Kenya,there is a free online training program sponsored by the government through the Ministry of ICT called AJIRA digital program.The programme instills skills that you can use to start a business online.


If you find that your business idea is not listed above, it may be worth exploring other options.

Take your time when deciding on the type of venture you would like to start so as not to choose a bad business that you might regret later.

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The best way for this would be by consulting with an expert who can help guide you through some of these questions and decisions.

We are here waiting at tafutakenya.com ready to answer any of your questions regarding how much money you need or what kind of business you should start.

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