What business can I start with 200K in Kenya?

You can visit Maasai Market on Saturday mornings or Muthaiga Village Crafts Centre on Sundays in order to sell your items while also networking with other business people.

Create a co-working space

Kenya is a hotbed of entrepreneurship, which means there’s always something new to try.

Creating a co-working space would be an excellent option because most small business people cannot afford to rent an office thus providing them with an alternative solution where they can work and stay focused.

An example of a great co-working space is KIKAO in Eldoret Town.

Start developing websites for businesses

If you’re interested in a more intellectual line of work, developing websites for businesses is an excellent choice.

There are plenty of opportunities to get your foot into the door with this type of job and being able to offer a wide range of services can help keep things fresh while also ensuring that there’s always something new waiting around each corner.

Develop an app for businesses in Kenya

If you’re looking to take your technical skills a step further, developing an app is another excellent way to get involved with the tech industry.

Whether it’s building from scratch or assisting even more experienced developers with all of their tasks- there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to this type of work.

Become a game developer in Kenya

If you want to get into the gaming industry, there’s no better way than by becoming an actual game developer and handling everything from start to finish- designing levels, scripting dialogue and characters, creating art assets etc.

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This is one of those careers that requires hard work because you ‘re not just creating one game, but rather a new world for the player to explore.

Become a digital marketer in Kenya

Digital marketing is one of those industries that’s been around for years, but has only recently seen its true potential due to technological advances.

The idea behind this career path is simple : create content for a company’s website, apps or social media platforms in order to sell their products.


If you’re looking for a business to start in Kenya with Ksh 200,000 and want the best chance of achieving success, there are many things that need to be considered.

Making sure your product or service has high demand is key. What does this mean? It means if people will buy it and pay top dollar for it then go ahead but make sure they have enough money to spend on what you’re selling first!

Also consider how competitive your industry is before investing too much time into something new because starting up costs can quickly rack up in an already saturated market.

Lastly, when beginning any type of business venture one must keep their eye on all aspects of managing finances from revenue streams to expenses so as not find yourself running out of

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