Untapped Business Ideas in Kenya:Get the advantage

Kenya is a country that has been experiencing rapid economic growth and development in the past decade. As a result, there are new opportunities for entrepreneurs to make their mark in Kenya.

There are several business ideas that you can take advantage of right now!

In this blog post, we will share with you some of the untapped business ideas in Kenya.

Untapped business ideas

Tutor children with learning disabilities

This idea would be best suited for someone who has experience in the classroom and knows how to work with those who have difficulty grasping concepts.

You will need to create lesson plans that cater specifically to students with learning disabilities so that you keep them engaged throughout the process of teaching.

You should also have a deep understanding of what each subject is about and how best to teach them before opening a tutoring business.

Record Kenyan Traditions

Another untapped idea is turning Kenyan knowledge into a book.You can do this by interviewing relatives, friends, and other people in your community who know a lot about the culture.

It would be ideal to do this now before knowledge of these traditions is lost as an older generation passes away.

The process could take years but it’s worth recording what elders have left us for future generations of Kenyans to remember their traditions , stories, songs and other important aspects of the various Kenyan cultures.

Starting a clothing line

This can be an exciting venture for anyone with a fashion sense! If you’re creative and know how to sew, then start your own business as soon as possible.

You can market and sell your clothes even to someone in Australia as the internet has made it possible.

Running errands for busy people

Entrepreneurship is all about hassles: why not take advantage of this by starting up a company that will provide hassle solutions?

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Some of this hassle solutions are shopping and making deliveries such as groceries to busy people who don’t have the time to run this errands.

Event Photographer

If you’re handy with a camera,or enjoy capturing candid moments at a ceremony or reception, consider becoming an event photographer!

Your services will be in high demand if you offer your clients, preparation & styling , photo shoot, and editing services.

You can find local events to photograph or you could also market yourself as a destination event photographer- servicing clients all over the world! The sky’s the limit when it comes to what kind of photography you offer your clients!

Either way, your photos will be cherished memories for years to come so make sure they’re worth looking back on too.

Pet Sitter

If you love animals, consider becoming a pet sitter!You’ll work with people’s furry friends and make sure they’re safe when their owners are away or need to leave them alone at home.

To get started in this industry; register your business as self employed and then pitch your services in expatriates facebook groups as they are more likely to seek this service.

Become an app developer

If you are good with technology , you can build an app that connects Kenyan business owners with potential customers and job seekers. For example, someone who wants to hire a mason could find the nearest one on the map or in proximity by inputting their location.

Online grocery store

Starting an online grocery store that delivers fresh produce to people’s homes is a great online business idea.

Many people are busy with their day to day lives, and don’t have the time or energy for grocery shopping.

Online catering company

You can build a website that will let Kenyan online workers order lunch from home with one click of a button.You can first target Nairobi and the regions that are proximity to it then scale up to other towns.

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For you to be able to compete with other food vendors in your region,your food not only needs to taste delicious but should be also cheap enough for you to supply and make a profit.

The skills required for this business idea would be web development and catering equipment .

Sell Kenyan coffee beans online

Kenya has one of the best coffee beans in the world.

Kenya export’s coffee beans valued at over 1 billion Kenya Shillings monthly.You can grab a share of this revenue by selling Kenyan coffee beans online.

This is an example of a great new untapped opportunity that can happen with access to information through online networks such as Facebook groups, Twitter pages or Instagram accounts.

You may not have the skills, but with access to the right information and resources found on these networks you can find out more about this untapped opportunity in Kenya.

The skills required for this would be research, marketing and sales which can all be acquired online.

Provide marketing services to SME’s

Provide marketing services to small business owners who need help with their branding, website design and social media

This idea would require a person to purchase an online business course or certification that can teach them the skills they will need. They could also get on job training so they have hands-on experience in this field before going out to search for clients.

Sell baked goods online

If you are passionate about baking,you can create your own recipes and bake personalized items like cupcakes, or doughnuts.

A person would need to purchase an oven and other needed kitchen equipment for this idea, as well as learn how to bake which can be done by watching YouTube videos.

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Become a virtual assistant

This idea would require someone to work from their home office and offer administrative support service such as customer service over the phone, creating spreadsheets and schedules for clients so they can manage their time better while staying on top of all tasks at one stop.

Logistics company

Another untapped idea is to start a logistics company in Kenya.

While the country has an established infrastructure, it is still growing and there are many opportunities for those willing to invest in this industry. This is more so from the aspect of importing goods from abroad which is still a challenge.

For example,you can find ways to purchase items on the Amazon site from Kenya and ship them on behalf of clients, as directly shipping from the US is currently not possible.

You could sell wholesale goods to other businesses or individuals in Kenya that you have imported from abroad. This business can be done online and will allow for anyone with enough capital, warehouse space, and staff time to get started.


We hope this blog post has inspired you to start thinking about new business ideas in Kenya. If you’ve already started your own company then we congratulate you on the good work and wish for continued success!

Feel free to reach out if you need help with any of these initiatives or want advice on how to better market your products/service. The team at tafutakenya.com are always happy to lend a hand where they can.

Do you have an idea of your own that is not listed here?If so, don’t hesitate to share with us via the comment box below.

We are waiting to hear from you!

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