Safaricom home fibre

Safaricom home fibre is an internet service that is fast, reliable and unlimited.

Known for its innovative solutions, Safaricom has installed fibre in selected zones where its subscribers can connect to.

In places where the fibre has not been installed yet, you have the option of subscribing to the 4G home plans and get to enjoy fast internet.

Why choose Safaricom home fibre?

You might be wondering what’s so special about fiber over other mediums of internet such as data and why you should opt for it. Here’s why;

  • Fast speed-Fibre is known for its fast internet speed .In comparison to other internet solutions, downloading and streaming of movies is much faster. There is rarely any buffering.
  • Reliable-Unless there is a physical damage to the fibre you will not experience any internet outages.
  • No internet overload-The Safaricom fibre internet connection is shared among 4 users to ensure there is no overloading of the internet which causes slow speeds.
  • Safer-Since fibre is a physical connection, the chances of your data being stolen is quite low thus making it safe.

How to apply for Safaricom home fibre

To get connected to this service you must be living in a designated home fibre zone. To apply for this service ;

  1. Dial *400# on your phone
  2. Select Get home fibre
  3. Select Province
  4. Select Area
  5. Select Estate name
  6. When you finish the application, Safaricom will get in touch with you within 24 hrs. .

If your application is successful, the company will send a technician to your house to do the installation. You will be required to pay a fee of Ksh 3000 for a new connection.

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After installation,you will be allocated an account number that you will use to subscribe for the preferred package.

Safaricom home fibre paybill

To purchase a fibre home package;

  • Go to M-pesa menu
  • Select Lipa na M-pesa option
  • Select the paybill option
  • Enter the Safaricom home fibre paybill number :150501
  • Enter your assigned account number
  • Enter the amount of the preferred package
  • Enter you M-pesa pin and click ok to complete the transaction

Safaricom home fibre packages

There are 3 types of safaricom home fibre packages that you can choose from;

  • Explore home
  • Explore home plus
  • Explore business
  1. Explore home package

Below are the prices of the explore home safaricom home fibre package

PackageSafaricom fibre speedsPriceFair Usage LimitSpeed after Fair Usage
Bronze8 MbpsKsh 2,990.00500 GB1 Mbps
Silver20 MbpsKsh 4,100.001000 GB3 Mbps
Gold40 MbpsKsh 6,299.001000 GB3 Mbps
Platinum100 MbpsKsh 12,499.001000 GB3 Mbps
Safaricom wifi packages

You ought to purchase a fibre package every 30 days in advance failure to which the company will suspend your internet services.

The Safaricom home fibre is subject to fair usage Limit .This means that once you hit your fair usage limit as indicated in the table above, the speeds will automatically reduce to 1 Mbps for the bronze package and 3 Mbps from the silver, gold and platinum till your subscription expires.

The gold and platinum service is inclusive of the securenet service which comes with parental control feature and an antivirus protection. For the bronze and silver this service is purchased separately.

  1. Explore home plus
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Below are the prices of the explore home plus safaricom home fibre package

Home plus PackagePriceData BundleMinutesSMSValidity
1000Ksh 10005GB 400 min1000 sms30 days
2000Ksh 200015GB 1000 min2000 sms30 days
3000Ksh 300025GB1500 min3000 sms30 days
5000Ksh 500035GB 2500 min5000 sms30 days

All the packages in this plan come with a free 2 GB bundle redeemable after your bundles are exhausted.

3. Explore business package

Features3 mbps package5 mps package10 mbs package
Ideal for how many users1 to 10 users10 to 20 users20 to 30 users
Able to access email efficientlyYesYesYes
Light web browsingYesYesYes
CCTV backupYesYesYes
Ideal for Online businessesNoYesYes
Cloud connectivityNoYesYes
Validity30 days30 days30 days
PriceKsh 4,100Ksh 5,799Ksh 15,699

Safaricom home fibre addons

Below are the additional features that you can purchase separately if you acquire the safaricom home fibre;

  • Secure net
  • TV smart box
  • Home CCTV
  • Home insurance
  1. Secure net

This is a network security service that protects your loved ones from unathorised access keeping them safe and securing while surfing online.

The features you will get from this service are;

  • Parental control-Control what your children watch online
  • Antivirus-Protect your computer from viruses that can be transmitted over the network
  • Antiphishing-Protect yourself and loved ones from identity and credit card theft
  • Web filter-Filter the websites your loved ones can connect to

To enjoy this service;

  • Subscribe to a safaricom home fibre service
  • Once your subscription is active, dial *400*6# to activate the service
  • Once you sign up you will recieve a link via sms that you will use to configure the secure net service
  • You will be required to pay Ksh 200 per month as part of the addon.
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2. TV smart box

You can opt to purchase the TV smart box as an add on to the safaricom home fibre service.

This smart box converts your ordinary Android TV to a Smart TV thus will enable you to stream from youtube and watch your favorite movies from netflix.

3. Home CCTV

You can purchase a home CCTV as an add on to the safaricom home fibre package . With a CCTV you will be able to monitor all activities in your home in realtime from the comfort of your phone or computer.

To get this service, just buy a CCTV camera from your nearest safaricom shop then install it in your home as it is plug and play.

4. Home Insurance

This is an addon that insures all your property that is in the house from theft and fire.

Below are the different features of the home insurance and their prices

Home Insurance packageSum insuredAnnual premiumMonthly premium
Hero plusKsh 250,000Ksh 3,000KSh 250
Pro guardKsh 500,000Ksh 5,700Ksh 475
Fortified guardKsh 1,000,000Ksh 16,200Ksh 1,350

Safaricom wifi packages

This is an internet service that is fast and affordable thanks to the Safaricom ever expanding 4G network.

Below are the 4G home internet plans

3 MbpsKsh 3,499.00200 GB30 days
5 MbpsKsh 4,999.00400 GB30 days

Bear in mind that you cannot purchase the above packages on a normal sim card as the plans are only for the 4G sim card that comes with the 4G router.

How to apply for Safaricom wifi package

To get connected to this plan,

  • Purchase their 4G router from a Safaricom shop at a cost of Ksh 10,000.
  • Register the 4G sim card that comes with the router with your personal details.
  • The 4G home plans will be enabled on the 4G sim card.

How to purchase Safaricom wifi packages

To purchase 4G home internet packages;

  1. Dial *400#
  2. Select 4G for Home
  3. Select buy 4G Plans
  4. Enter the Account number
  5. Select 4G Home Plan to renew.
  6. Select your preferred mode of payment i.e. M-PESA, Post Pay or Bonga and click ok to confirm payment.
  7. If you select M-PESA, you will be prompted to enter 4-digit MPESA PIN.
  8. Once payment is successful, you will receive a notification that you have been subscribed to the selected Plan.


The other two telecoms in Kenya that offer fibre solutions to users at home are Zuku and JTL-faiba.

Check out which of the three fibre solutions is the cheapest of them all.

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