Paypal Mpesa

Paypal mpesa is a money transfer service between paypal and mpesa.

This service is run by a company called thunes in conjunction with safaricom and paypal.

Many Kenyans have embraced this technology since most don’t have a visa card or a master card to trade online with.

Furthermore,the paypalmpesa service is faster and efficient in comparison to transferring money to the bank.

Below is a comprehensive step by step guide on ;

  1. How to sign up and login to paypal
  2. How to link paypal to mpesa
  3. How to send money  from mpesa to paypal
  4. How to withdraw from paypal to mpesa

If at any point you get stuck, click on the videos to visually see the process.

Paypal Mpesa requirements

  • A registered Mpesa Account on your mobile phone
  • An active Kenyan paypal account

Kindly note the two accounts have to be registered with the same name for them to be successfully linked and for you to transfer money between them.

Paypal Kenya login

Below is the procedure of opening a paypal Kenyan account

  1. Go to the paypal Kenyan site 
  2. Click on the sign up menu
  3. Select the type of account that you want to open i.e.  either business or personal  account
  4. Enter your mobile number
  5. A 6 digit confirmation code will be sent to your phone
  6. Verify your number by entering the 6 digit code  on the website
  7. Enter your personal details, email address and a password to  finish setting up your profile
  8. Once you submit your details, a confirmation link will be sent to your mail
  9. Finish setting up your account by clicking on the sent link
  10. You can now login to your paypal account using  your email address and password
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Below is a video tutorial on how to open a paypal Kenyan account

How to sign up for a paypal Kenya account

Can’t login to paypal because of forgotten password?

If you have forgotten your password, simply reset it by;

  1. Going to the Paypal Kenya website
  2. Click on the login menu
  3. Click on forgot password
  4. Enter the email address you signed up with on Paypal
  5. Select any of the options below to reset your password
  • Sms- Enter a 6 digit code sent to you via text
  • Email address- Enter a code sent to you via email
  • Call-Enter the code that appears on the screen
  • Security question-Enter the answer to a security question
  1. Once you finish the above process, you will be prompted to enter the new password and confirm it.

The password must have 8 or more characters and have atleast one digit and a special character as@#$%^&*

  1. Login to your paypal account with your email address and password
  2. Enter your mpesa phone number
  3. A four digit code will be sent to your phone
  4. Verify your phone  number by entering the code
  5. Once you finish the process, you will have completed to link paypal to mpesa.

Below is a video tutorial on how to link paypal to mpesa

How to link paypal to mpesa

If you are not able to link paypal to mpesa, check if the way you have registered your mpesa mobile wallet is the same way you have registered your paypal account.

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