NHIF supa cover

The supa cover is a national medical scheme offered by NHIF to its members and their declared dependents.

Any Kenyan who attains the age of 18 can automatically qualifies for NHIF super cover.

If you are self-employed and would like to get an affordable and quality health insurance then the super cover is ideal for you.

If you are employed and your employer does not have a comprehensive cover with NHIF, you automatically qualify for NHIF supa cover.

How much is NHIF supa cover?

NHIF super cover payments vary depending on whether one is self-employed or employed

For voluntary or self-employed persons, contribution for supa cover is Ksh 500 while for those in employment, the monthly contribution ranges from Ksh 150 to Ksh 1,700 depending on their salary.

A penalty of Ksh 250 per month is charged if payment is made past the due date which is 9th of the following month

How do I apply for NHIF supa cover?

There are 3 different ways you can register for supa cover

  1. Dial *155# ussd code on your phone
  2. Apply online via the self-care portal
  3. Visit an NHIF branch near you or huduma center in any of the 47 counties

To ensure you benefit from this cover ensure you;

  • Have your fingerprints captured
  • Make the monthly payments if self-employed and if employed ensure your employer deducts from your salary at end month.
  • Choose an outpatient hospital that you will use to access treatment services

How does supa cover work?

  1. A member registers with NHIF
  2. He adds his dependants on his card
  3. NHIF captures their biometrics
  4. Member makes monthly payments
  5. The NHIF Card becomes active after 60 days for self-employed persons and 30 days for those in formal employment.
  6. Member chooses an outpatient hospital for him and his beneficiaries
  7. NHIF gives the hospital that the member has selected money upfront to cater for outpatient treatment for that member and his dependant’s .This happens in the beginning of every quarter.i.e January, April, July, and September.
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For inpatient services, the hospital bills NHIF on a fixed rate commonly known as rebate.

NHIF supa cover benefits

Under the NHIF Supa cover, members can access various benefit packages namely;

  1. Outpatient

This package covers consultation with a general practitioner, lab tests, x-rays, ultrasounds and prescribed medicines.

It also covers management of chronic illness such as hypertension, diabetes, HIV/ Aids and asthma in level 6 hospitals.

  1. Inpatient

This covers admission in a hospital, bed charges ,doctor’s fee, nursing care, diagnostic lab tests as well as drugs administration.

Before admission, it is prudent you enquire from the hospital whether it is a comprehensive facility so that you don’t have to pay a penny as in the case of un-comprehensive facility where you will have to co-pay.

  1. Maternity

This is administered via Linda mama.

Services that are offered under this package are antenatal and postnatal care including administration of immunization vaccines, and delivery through normal delivery or caesarean section.

It also takes covers the aftercare for the mother together with the new-born.

  1. Mental and behavioural health services

Due to the rise of vices such as depression and drugs and substance abuse, NHIF has now added this service to the supa cover benefit package.

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