NHIF penalties

NHIF penalties are fines that are imposed on either a contributor or an employer for failure to remit contributions or paying them past the due date which is usually the 9th of every month.

The penalty for a self-employed person is 50% of the monthly contribution. i.e. Ksh 250 for every month defaulted or late. For example if you have not paid NHIF for 4 months, you will be imposed a penalty of Ksh 1,000 and a contribution of Ksh 2,000.The total amount being Ksh 3,000.

The penalty for an employer who has paid past the due date or who has defaulted is twice the total amount of employee contributions. For example if your employee monthly total NHIF deductions are Ksh 10,000 and have defaulted for two months, you are liable to a penalty of Ksh 40,000 i.e. 10,000*2*2 and a total contribution of Ksh 20,000. The total amount being Ksh 60,000.

How can I avoid NHIF penalty?

The best way to avoid a penalty is by subsequently paying NHIF contributions way before the deadline. This requires proper cash flow planning for both an individual and an employer so that you are not caught off guard with other expenses.

Furthermore, most people pay their NHIF payments on the due date. The risk to this is that the NHIF system may be down due to clogging as everyone is making their payments on the same day hoping to beat the deadline. This will result to missing the deadline and thus incurring a penalty.

As an employer, if for any reason you anticipate beforehand that you will not be able to remit NHIF payments on time, inform you’re domicile NHIF branch  in writing, so that you can have grounds to ask for a penalty waiver.

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How do I check my NHIF penalties?

There are three ways that you can use to check the status of your account

  • Dial USSD code *155#
  • Download ‘My NHIF app’ from play store and follow prompts
  • Login to the self-care web portal

How is NHIF penalty paid?

Below is the process of paying NHIF penalty for an individual;

  1. Go to Lipa na Mpesa paybill option
  2. Enter 200222 as the paybill number
  3. The account number is your ID number followed by the letter ‘Y’ at the end e.g. 12345678Y
  4. Enter the penalty amount
  5. Input your Mpesa pin number
  6. Click OK to send
  7. The penalty will be automatically updated in the NHIF system

In the case of an employer, he has to visit his domicile NHIF branch to have his penalties calculated and an eslip generated, as this option is not available online.

How can I activate NHIF after defaulting?

If you have defaulted for less than a year, you have to pay your NHIF arrears and penalty, for your card to be active and use in any accredited hospital. Once you make the payments it becomes active immediately.

If you have not paid NHIF for more than a year, you start paying afresh by paying the requisite fee of Ksh 1500. This is the monthly contribution of three months. However your account will be active 60 days from the day you make the payment.

What happens when you default NHIF?

You will not be able to access treatment in any accredited NHIF hospital if your account is in default. You will first have to settle the outstanding contributions and the penalties.

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