How to transfer money from paypal to mpesa

transfer money between paypal to m-pesa

PayPal has partnered with Safaricom  to develop an  online money transfer service that is convenient and efficient to enable digital users send and receive funds over the internet.

The PayPal mobile money service with M-pesa  has become a popular money transfer method  because of the increase of mobile phones as opposed to the card online payment system that has not been embraced by many Kenyans.

This has enabled many Kenyans take up online jobs as they can now readily get access to their online funds.

PayPal requirements to receive money via M-pesa

  • A PayPal  account. Sign up for one in their website
  • A Registered M-pesa account from Safaricom.
  • A link between your M-pesa and PayPal  account.
  1. Go to PayPal mobile
  2. Login to your account
  3. Enter your M-pesa registered phone number
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions for using the service
  5. Enter the 4 digit code sent to your mobile number in the PayPal platform to finish the linking process

How to deposit money to PayPal from M-pesa

  1. Login to PayPal mobile money website
  2. Click the Top up menu option
  3. Click calculate to get the converted amount
  4. Go to M-pesa menu
  5. Select Lipa na M-pesa then Paybill
  6. Enter business number-800088
  7. Enter your PayPal linked phone number as the account no
  8. Enter amount in Kenya shillings
  9. Enter your pin and send
  10. You will receive a text message confirming that a certain amount of USD was added to your Account

How to withdraw money from M-pesa to PayPal

  1. Go to PayPal mobile money website
  2. Login to your account
  3. Click on the Withdraw menu 
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withdraw money from m-pesa to paypal
  1. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw from PayPal
withdraw money from m-pesa to paypal
  1. Click continue to withdraw and the amount converted will be sent to your M-pesa account

How much does it cost to transfer money between PayPal and M-pesa?

To withdraw money from PayPal to M-pesa, a 3% levy is charged of the amount converted from USD to Ksh.

To deposit money from M-pesa to PayPal, a 4% levy is charged of the amount you are sending.

How long does it take to receive funds after withdrawal from PayPal?

Depending on the value of the transaction, funds can take between 2 hrs to 3 calendar days to reflect in your M-pesa account.

Once the funds have been credited into your M-pesa account you will receive a text message from M-pesa and an email from PayPal.

What is the maximum amount you can withdraw or top up?

The maximum amount you can transfer per transaction between M-pesa and PayPal  is Ksh 150,000 and you can only hold Ksh 300,000 in your  M-pesa account.

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