How to set up Google Analytics:Simplified

Google Analytics is a Google feature that helps you measure and track data insights of visitors who interact with your business online; either through a website or an app.

Google recently upgraded their analytics feature from the old Universal analytics to a new one called Google 4 analytics. It was upgraded to accommodate all types of businesses not only those that had a website.

Google analytics has a feature called a property ,where your website or app information is processed.

Previously Google had two types of properties;

Universal analytics-responsible for measuring websites.

Google analytics for Firebase-responsible for measuring apps.

Google 4 analytics (g4) is a combination of these two properties as it measures both websites and apps activities.

When you create a Google 4 analytics property first analyze your business structure so that you can map it effectively in Google analytics.

One of the features of Google 4 analytics property is a data stream. It is responsible for mapping an analytics property to the various platforms that your visitors interact with in your business.

If you have both a website and an app, you will require a data stream for each platform.

For example if you have a website, an android app and an IOS app ,you will require one Google analytics account , a Google 4 analytics property and three data streams(one for each).

Before we dive into how to set up  Google analytics, it is prudent to be aware of the benefits of the  new Google 4 analytics property and how different it is to Universal Analytics.

Benefits of Google 4 analytics

The Google 4 analytics property is designed to scale with your business by measuring insights across both websites and apps.

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It can measure a visitor’s interaction with your business across all devices and platforms and produce an integrated report.

Thanks to the Google 4 analysis tool, you can be able to examine your data in depth and thus able to tailor make solutions for your clients who interact with your business.

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