How to register NSSF online

register NSSF online

NSSF is a national scheme that was set up by the Kenyan government to provide financial security to Kenyans upon retirement.

Just like NHIF,it is mandatory for those in formal employment and voluntary for self-employed persons.

The amount of monthly NSSF contribution is about 5% of an employee salary which an equivalent amount is contributed by the employer for each employee.

You can also top up your contributions through M-pesa.

Registering NSSF Online

Therea are two ways to register for NSSF at the comfort of your home

  1. Through the NSSF self-service online Portal
  2. Register NSSF via phone

Register for NSSF through online portal

  1. Go to the NSSF self-service online portal
  2. Click member registration
  3. Enter your personal details accurately in an online form
  4. Save your details, and print the form
  5. Drop the form in the nearest office or at any Huduma center countrywide
  6. You will be issued with a pin key that you will use to activate your account
  7. Click  member activation menu in the NSSF homepage
  8. Login in with your username, password and the pin key
  9. Click activate to complete member registration

Note that if you forget your username and password you will have to re-enter the application details with a new username and password in the member re-certification  link.

Register NSSF via phone

  1. Dial *303# on your phone
  2. Select Member services
  3. Enter your ID number
  4. Select whether you are a registered NSSF member or not
  5. Your details will be retrieved from the goverment’s database which you have to confirm
  6. If its your first time logging in , you will be prompted to answer a security question
  7. A four digit pin will be sent to your phone which you will use to login to your account next time
  8. Once the above process is complete, an NSSF number will be generated
  9. To activate your account, dial *303# for a second time
  10. Enter the four digit pin sent earlier to your phone.
  11. NSSF will deduct a Ksh 25 from your Mpesa to activate your account.
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How to pay NSSF via M-pesa

pay NSSF via m-pesa

You can now make NSSF contribution through M-pesa.

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