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NHIF is a universal social health insurance that seeks to provide basic healthcare services to Kenyan citizens. According to the Ammended NHIF act of 2022, it is now mandatory for every Kenyan to register with NHIF once he or she attains the age of 18.

Here are the 3 ways you can can register with NHIF:

NHIF registration via phone

  1. Dial *155# ussd code
  2. Select preferred language i.e English or Kiswahili
  3. Select ‘National Health Scheme’
  4. Enter your ID Number
  5. Accept the option ‘Register now’
  6. Enter year of birth
  7. Select the National Health Scheme option
  8. Select either the employee or self employed option.
  9. If employed, key in the employer code.(Get this code from your employer)
  10. Select marital status i.e single or married
  11. Select county
  12. Select the nearest branch
  13. Once you confirm your details, your membership number will be sent to you via message.

NHIF registration online

Below is the process of NHIF registration through the selfcare online portal

  1. Visit the NHIF registration portal
  2. Select the ‘not registered’ button.
  3. Enter your National ID Number
  4. Enter your Date of Birth
  5. Enter your phone number
  6. Enter your employer code if employed. if self-employed leave it blank
  7. Enter the county you reside in
  8. Enter the nearest NHIF branch
  9. Click on the register button
  10. A membership number will be generated which will be sent via SMS

NHIF registration requirements

You can apply for NHIF in a branch near you or at any Huduma center countrywide. To register, ensure you carry the following requirements:

  1.  Copy of ID or passport or Alien card
  2.  Copy of spouse ID if married
  3.  Copy of marriage certificate or sworn affidavit from magistrate court or an advocate that states you are married or living together as husband and wife.
  4.  Copy of birth certificate for children above 7 months or birth notification for children 6 months and below
  5.  A registration fee of Ksh 1500, this being contributions for three months. This is applicable to self-employed persons only.
  6. For employed persons ,attach evidence to show you are in formal employment. e.g. letter of appointment or letter from employer. Your initial contribution will be deducted by your employer from your salary.
  7. Download, fill and submit a registration form.
  8. Once you have registered, you will be issued with a membership number.
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Your account will start working 60 days from the date you register, subject to having paid the monthly payments. To check its status and choose a hospital , dial the ussd code *155# and follow the prompts.

How much do I need to register for NHIF?

To register for NHIF, you need to pay a first time fee of Ksh 1,500 .This is the total monthly contribution for 3 months as each month is Ksh 500.

Can you have two NHIF accounts?

You can have two accounts if you are the main contributor (principal member) in one account while the other you are the dependant. i.e. either spouse or child.

NHIF biometric registration

In keeping up with changing times, NHIF has introduced biometric registration and verification for all persons above 7 years. Upon seeking treatment at any accredited hospital, your fingerprints will be verified to confirm that indeed you are the right person accessing treatment. This is to curb fraudulent use of your NHIF card to ensure sustainability of government funds for achievement of UHC.

To have your biometrics captured, visit an a branch or Huduma centre near you or in any accredited hospital countrywide. Upon biometric registration, you do not need to carry your NHIF card with you while seeking treatment. Just carry your ID and the hospital will verify your fingerprints for confirmation.

For persons below 7 years, their fingerprints are still developing thus cannot be captured effectively. In this instance, children in this age group are verified using a one time password(OTP) that is sent to the parents or guardian phone via SMS. The hospital attendant enters the OTP password in the hospital system for verifcation that indeed the correct child is recieving treatment.

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Your mobile number must have been registered in the insuarance database for the OTP to be successfully sent.

NHIF dependant registration

It is not possible to add dependants in your account via online. This is to prevent fraudulent use of your card.

To add your dependants in your NHIF card, visit any branch countrywide or any Huduma center with the following requirements.

a) To add your Spouse attach;

  • Copy of your ID card
  • Copy of your spouse ID card
  • Copy of a marriage certificate or sworn affidavit from a magistrate court or lawyer

Please note it takes 28 days for a spouse to be active in your NHIF card .Thus your wife or husband can’t use the immediately she or he is added to your account. The above procedure also applies to change of spouse.

To remove your husband or wife in your account, simply attach a copy of ID and a sworn affidavit or divorce certificate and submit it to the nearest office.

b) To add your children attach;

  • Copy of birth certificate for children above 7 months
  • Copy of birth notification for children 6 months and below
  • Copy of Student ID for children between 18 and 21 years of age. Children above 18 years are eligible to be added in their parents’ cover till they are 21 years of age as long as one can provide proof they are still in school.

To check your dependants online , dial *155#, select ‘other services’ then select ‘view dependants‘.

Whom does NHIF cover in your card?

You can only cover your husband or wife and your children under your NHIF card.

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Extended family members such as parents and siblings cannot be covered under your account. If you want your brother,sister,father,mother or any other family member to benefit from services offered by the insuarance, simply open an account for them.

It’s illegal to use someone else’s NHIF card and its punishable by law.

If you have two wives or more, you cannot cover all of them under one NHIF card. You have to open an account for each of them to benefit.

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