How to pay for parking in Nairobi

Nairobi City Government has introduced online parking solutions where you can conveniently pay for parking instead of waiting for an attendant to make your payment.

There are 3 ways you can pay for parking in Nairobi

  • By dialing *235#
  • Through the Nairobi City Government app.
  • Paying online via the Nairobi city e-payment portal.

How to pay for parking in Nairobi by dialing *235#

  1. Dial *235#
  2. Select parking module.
  3. Select either daily or seasonal .
  4. Enter your vehicle number plate.
  5. Select the parking zone e.g.  cbd, Kijabe.
  6. Select the vehicle category e.g. private ,trailer.
  7. Proceed to pay .
  8. You will receive a request to approve for payment that will be automatically be deducted from your M-pesa mobile wallet.

How to pay for parking in Nairobi via NCCG app

pay parking nairobi
  1. Go to Google play store.
  2. Download and install the Nairobi City County Government app.
  3. You can register on the app or skip and go directly to the app modules.
  4. Select the parking module.
  5. Select the type of parking i.e. daily or seasonal
  6. Select the zone (this applies for daily only).
  7. Select the vehicle type.
  8. Enter the car number plate. Don’t put a space between the letters and the numbers of the number plate as it will bring the error ‘invalid registration number’ e.g. enter KAY123e instead of KAY 123e.
  9. Enter the parking duration (this is applicable to seasonal only).
  10. Click pay for vehicle.

How to pay for parking via NCCG online portal

  1. Visit NGCC e-payment portal.
  2. Click on Services menu.
  3. Select the parking type applicable to you.
  4. Select the zone you want to park.
  5. Select the vehicle type and its number plate.
  6. Confirm the details.
  7. Enter the M-pesa phone number you wish to pay with and a payment request will be sent automatically to it.
  8. For seasonal parking you have the option of printing your sticker. Just visit the NGCC portal, enter your payment code and select check for stickers.
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How much is parking fee in Nairobi?

Type of VehicleDaily FeeMonthly FeeQuarterly FeeHalf Year FeeYearly Fee
Tuk TukN/A2000.003,000.00N/AN/A

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