How to join Tower sacco

Tower Sacco was established in the year 1976 with the objective of inculcating the savings culture for the betterment of the member’s future.

As at December 2020, the membership stood at 147,614. They draw their membership from a wide range of government institution as well as private companies and farmer groups.

To join Tower sacco;

  1. Download the membership application form from their website.
  2. Print the form and fill it with your personal details.
  3. Scan and attach the following documents;
  • Id card both sides
  • A passport photo
  • Specimen Signature
  1. Scan the filled application form and send it to

Tower Sacco Loans

Type of loanEligible AmountRepayment Period
Normal Loan3 X shares60 months
Emergency Loan3 X shares12 months
School Fees Loan3 X shares12 months
Special LoanMaximum amount is Ksh 150,00036 months
Mkopo mashinani5 X shares18 months
Vuka LoanMaximum amount of Ksh 3,500,00084 months
Fosa loan5 X shares84 months
Karibu Loan20% of the loan to be used as shares36 months
Fosa emergency5 X shares24 months
Salary advanceMaximum amount is Ksh 50,00012 months
Salary in advanceMaximum amount equivalent to your net salaryImmediately salary is received
Premium scheme Loan3 X shares36 months
Premium emergency Loan3 X shares12 months
Group premium Loan3 X shares36 months
Mapato LoanEquivalent to the previous year’s dividend.36 months

How to deposit money into Tower Sacco

  1. Dial *645# on your phone.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Select option 4.
  4. Select the account you would like to deposit to.
  5. Enter the amount .
  6. Click OK to finish the transaction.
  7. Your money will be deposited immediately in the respective account.
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How do I pay my Tower Sacco loans?

  1. Dial *645#
  2. Enter your pin number.
  3. Select loan repayment.
  4. Enter the account for the loan you want to pay in the format; 0081#loan#Loancode. e.g. If you want to make a repayment on a farm produce loan the account format should be 0081#loan#03.

Below are the codes for different type of loans

Tower Sacco LoansLoan Code
Salary Advance01
Fosa loan02
Farm Produce Loan03
Premium loan06
Salary in advance07
Emergency -2408
Okoa Advance09
Dividends Advance10
Premium Emergency11
Asset Finance loan12
Bima Loan13
Mkopo Mashinani14
Fosa flex17
Normal loan20
Emergency 1221
School fees loan22
Special loan23
Preferential loan24
Mapato Loan25
Mkopo Advance28
Mortgage loan29
LPO loan30
T loan31

You must use the phone number that you registered with in the co-operative when depositing money through the above process.

Tower Sacco dividends 2020

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