How to join Linda mama

register for linda mama

Linda mama is a Government sponsored programme run by NHIF that offers free maternal care to mothers seeking maternity services .It is eligible to all pregnant mothers who are Kenyan citizens.

There are 3 ways you can register for Linda mama

  1. Register online through USSD *155#
  2. At NHIF service points  and Huduma centers countrywide
  3. At NHIF contracted Health facilities

Linda mama registration requirements

  1. Pregnant women of age 18 years and above are registered using their ID and the Ante Natal Care records.
  2. Pregnant women under 18 years are registered using their guardians’ ID and Ante Natal Care records.
  3. Pregnant women without ID cards/guardians are registered using the Ante Natal Care records.

How to register for Linda mama online

  1. Dial *155#
  2. Select the language you prefer  to use i.e. English or Kiswahili
  3. Select Free Maternity
  4. Choose who is doing the registration i.e. beneficiary, guardian, hospital
  5. Enter your ID number
  6. Enter First name and Last name
  7. Enter year of birth
  8. Select county
  9. Confirm Linda mama registration and click ok

Upon registration, a Linda mama membership number will be sent to you via text message that you will use to access free maternity services at a NHIF contracted hospital

Linda mama verification and activation

To activate the Linda mama cover, the pregnant woman is required to visit a NHIF accredited hospital for confirmation of pregnancy.

The pregnant woman is required to present the Linda mama membership number generated after registration and her national ID/guardian’s national ID or antenatal card.

What does Linda Mama cover?

  • Antenatal care-caters for 4 antenatal visits
  • Delivery-This covers normal delivery and caesarean section
  • Postnatal care-caters for 4 postnatal visits
  • Complications arising from pregnancy related issues for both mother and new-born reimbursed at inpatient rebate
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Linda mama expires 1 year after the cover is activated in a health facility.

It is ideal for one to register as an NHIF member so that when the cover expires, a mother and her child can continue attending clinics for the benefit of the baby, without paying a dime.

How much do you pay for Linda mama?

Linda mama is a free maternity programme run by NHIF. This means you can access all maternity services without paying a single cent.

Just walk in to a hospital and walk out without having to worry about the hospital bill.

It also covers caesarean section which we know can be quite costly and also covers child immunization services after birth.

Which hospitals accept Linda mama?

Linda mama is offered in all NHIF accredited public hospitals and some low cost private NHIF contracted hospitals.

Click here to find out which hospitals offer Linda Mama in your county.

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