How to join Hazina Sacco

Hazina Sacco is a licensed deposit taking co-operative that was established in the year 1971.

Their main objective is encouraging members to save thus creating a pool of funds that they can loan out to members.

You can join the Sacco as an individual, a corporate or as a Chama.

How to join Hazina Sacco as an individual.

  1. Download an enrollment form and fill it with your personal details.
  2. Fill in your employment details if employed.
  3. Attach a copy of your national id.
  4. Attach a copy of your current pay slip for employed persons.
  5. Attach 2 passport size photos.
  6. Fill a nominee form.
  7. Pay a one off entrance fee of Ksh 1,000.
  8. Upon registration, you will be required to make a minimum deposit of Ksh 1,000 as shares or 5% of basic salary whichever is higher.

How to join Hazina Sacco as a Chama or Corporate.

  1. Fill the group membership form and attach the following documents;
  • Group or company registration certificate.
  • Copies of national id for group officials or company directors.
  • Group constitution.
  • Minutes with all group members signatures authorizing to join the co-operative.
  • Passport photos for group officials.
  • KRA pin for group officials.
  • Physical address of each group member.
  1. Pay a registration fee of Ksh 3,000.
  2. Upon application, the group or company should save a minimum of Ksh 5,000 per month in deposits.

Hazina Sacco Mobile Banking

You can deposit money and make Loan repayments via Hazina mobile banking platform.

Below is the step by step process on how to do it.

  1. Go to M-pesa menu.
  2. Select Lipa na M-pesa option.
  3. Enter the Hazina Sacco Paybill no: 850436.
  4. For deposits, enter your ID Number followed by the letters DEP, e.g. 26578954DEP
  5. For loan repayments, enter your ID number followed by the  short code of the loan you are repaying e.g. for Emergency Loan 1,enter  your  ID No then the short code EM1 e.g. 26578954EM1
  6. Enter the amount you want to deposit or pay a loan for.
  7. Enter your M-pesa pin number.
  8. Click details are correct and press OK to complete the transaction.
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Below is the list of short codes to use when using the mobile banking feature;

Product descriptionShort code
Entrance FeeENT
Deposit contributionDEP
Share capitalSHA
Salary accountSAL
Savings accountSAV
Fosa karibu FSK
College fees CO1
College loan 2CO2
Flash advanceFLA
Emergency loan 1EM1
Emergency loan topupEM2
Hsf okoa advanceHFO
HSF Salary in AdvanceHFA
Fosa defaulterHSD
Fosa special advanceHFS
Interest arrearsITR
School fees SH1
School fees loan2SH2
Welfare fundWEF

How to get a loan from Hazina Sacco

For you to get a loan from the co-operative below are the requirements you ought to have;

  • Be a member for 6 months  and must have contributed some deposits.
  • Download and fill a loan application form.
  • Attach 2 months original current pay slip.
  • Attach a copy of your id card.
  • A loan must be guaranteed by at least 2 guarantors.

Below is a table that has a breakdown of the loans that Hazina grants;

Type of loanInterest rate (p.a)Eligible AmountRepayment Period
Normal12%4 X shares72 months
Top up Normal12% 72 months
School  and college Fees12%No limit depends on ability to pay12  months
Super13.8%5 X shares84 months
Emergency 12%4 X shares12 months
Top up Emergency Loan12% 12 months
Chama 12%4 X shares36 months
Corporate 12%4 X shares36 months
Mobi10%45,0003 months
Flash Advance10%30,0002 months
Tech0.8% p.m50% of deposits or Ksh 150,000 whichever is lower12 months
Daraja12%4 X shares36 months

Hazina Sacco dividends 2020

Hazina Sacco issued a dividend rate of  20 % per share and an interest rate of 10.3% on member deposits for the financial year 2020.

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Hazina Sacco contacts

You can contact their customer service on : 0701820219,0701819685,0735926900

  • Loan enquiries contact: 0712149631
  • Fosa enquires contact :0727086480
  • Email Address:
  • Physical Location: Kibera Road off Ngong Road

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