How to File Nil returns-KRA

file nil KRA returns

Wondering how to file nil returns with no income? Here’s how to do it

  1. Go to itax portal
  2. Login by entering your KRA pin and  password.
  3. Enter the security stamp answer which is an arithmetic question
  1. Go to the Returns menu
  2. Click File Nil Return
  1. Select the Tax Obligation e.g. Income Tax Resident-Individual
  1. Select the return period from and the return period will be populated
  1. Click on submit button
  2. Download the receipt generated after filing your nil returns

How to amend your income tax returns using Excel- KRA

how to amend tax returns

If you have already filed your returns and would like to make some adjustments ,you have the option of amending them.

Below is the process of amending your returns;

  1. Login into your itax profile 
  2. Click on returns menu 
  1. Select File Amended Return option in the homepage
  2. Select the Tax Obligation e.g. Income Tax Resident-Individual
  1. Enter the Return Period From that you would like to amend
  2. Download the previous return that you filed either in form of Excel or ODS
  1. Adjust the required fields that you would like to amend in the downloaded file
  2. Once you are done amending, click validate.This will generate a new zipped file.
  3. Upload the amended return form by clicking on browse for you to upload the zipped file.
  4. Click on the submit button to file amendment returns
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