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how to choose NHIF hospital online

NHIF has made it convenient for one to choose an outpatient hospital for themselves and their dependants. Previously you would have to visit an NHIF branch or Huduma Centre to have this done for you.

For you to choose a hospital, your account must be active and you must have registered your phone number with the insuarance or else you will get an error.

It is good practice to check the status of your account often so as not to be caught off-guard when you need to seek treatment at an NHIF hospital.

There are three ways you can select NHIF hospital online

  • Dial *155# on your phone
  • Login to Self-care online portal
  • Download My NHIF app

How to select NHIF outpatient hospital using phone

  1. Dial *155#
  2. Enter your preferred language i.e English or Kiswahili
  3. Select National Health Scheme
  4. Enter your ID number
  5. A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to you in your registered phone number
  6. Select verify OTP
  7. Enter the OTP password
  8. Click on choose hospital if you are selecting for the first time
  9. Select the person you want to choose a hospital for
  10. Select search county or browse county
  11. Type the county the hospital is located in
  12. Select the county
  13. Type the name of the hospital
  14. Then confirm the hospital
  15. Repeat the above process for each and every dependant

NHIF hospital selection online

  1. Go the NHIF self service Portal
  2. Enter your ID Number
  3. A One Time Password (OTP)will be sent to the phone number registered in NHIF system
  4. Enter the OTP
  5. Click verify 
  6. Click on the facilities menu in the homepage
  7. Select the county the facility is located in
  8. Select the hospital you prefer
  9. Repeat the process for each and every dependant
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How to select NHIF hospital through app

select NHIF hospital online
  1.  Go the Google play store
  2.  Download My NHIF app
  3.  Click on Other Services menu
  4.  Enter your ID number
  5.  Click on Request OTP
  6.  Enter the code sent for verification
  7. Login to the application
  8. Click on choose outpatient facility if choosing for the first time
  9. Repeat the process for each and every dependant

You can visit the NHIF website to find out which hospitals in your county, have been accredited to offer NHIF Services.

Can I choose more than one hospital?

NHIF allows one outpatient hospital per member, for ease of service.

It is advisable you select a facility that is near you. You can select a different hospital for your spouse and children.

If you are not happy with the services of the facility you had selected, you have the option of changing it per every quarter. i.e. January, April, July, October.

When it comes to inpatient services, NHIF does not restrict you to one hospital. You can be admitted anywhere. But note that you might have to co-pay if you are admitted in high cost hospitals like Aga Khan as NHIF only covers what is commonly known as ’bed charges’ and you might be forced to pay the rest of the bill.

It is good practice to confirm what NHIF will pay before admission so as not to be caught off-guard.

NHIF Contact

If you have not registered your phone number with NHIF, contact their 24 hrs helpdesk through toll free number 0800 720 601.

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