How to check water bills and pay via M-pesa

Several water companies in Kenya have now implemented online solutions for checking water bills and paying them electronically. Thanks to this, customers no longer have to queue for long hours in banks to pay their bills as was previously the norm. They can do all these,from the comfort of their homes via their mobile phones.

Below are the procedures of checking water bills and paying them via M-pesa for different companies.

How to check Nairobi water bill and pay via M-pesa

  1. Dial *888#
  2. Select query bill
  3. Enter your Nairobi Water account number.
  4. You will receive the invoice amount you ought to pay.
  5. Confirm the details and pay via M-pesa. The amount will be deducted automatically from your M-pesa mobile wallet.
  6. Alternatively you can select ‘paybill’ just after dialing *888#, and follow the procedure to complete the payment process via M-pesa.

For any inquiries, you can contact their customer care through 0724253582.

How to check Kisumu water bill and pay via M-pesa

  1. Go to messages.
  2. Type the word ‘bill’ followed by your account number e.g. bill 89045450.
  3. Send the message to 40222.
  4. Go to M-pesa menu  and select paybill
  5. Enter the KIWASCO business number ; 517000.
  6. Enter your Kisumu water meter number as your account no.
  7. Enter the amount you ought to pay.
  8. Enter your M-pesa pin.
  9. Confirm your details to complete the transaction.

You can contact their through or call them 0575007000.

How to check Mombasa water bill and pay via M-pesa

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