How to buy minutes in Safaricom

Safaricom is a telecommunication company that has the best data, voice and SMS services .

Its clientele both Prepaid and postpaid, have different options of buying calling minutes as a way of managing their airtime.

There are 4 ways you can buy minutes in Safaricom;

  • Purchase as a postpaid client.
  • Purchase as a prepaid client.
  • Redeem Bonga points

How to buy Safaricom minutes for prepaid customers

There two ways to purchase safaricom minutes for prepaid customers

  • Through the USSD code *444#
  • By dialling *544#

Purchasing safaricom minutes through *444#

This plan is ideal for those people who make frequent calls and would like to reduce their cost of calling as it is a monthly package.To access the service,

  1. Dial *444#
  2. Select Éasy talk monthly option
  3. Choose your preferred Easy talk bundles from the table below
Bundle PlanSafaricom Minutes + Data +SMS
Ksh 2,0001700 minutes +500 SMS
Ksh 1,000800 minutes +1000 SMS
Ksh 500300 minutes +500 SMS

Purchasing safaricom minutes through *544#

  1. Dial*544#
  2. Select the Calls and SMS’ option
  3. Select ‘Get 50% extra talktime’ if you want a plan that has no expiry period
  4. Select the buy minutes option if you want to purchase a plan that has an expiry period.Below are the diffrent Safaricom minutes package with an expiry period.
Bundle PlanSafaricom MinutesValidity
Ksh 2040 minutes 2 hours
Ksh 1530 minutes 2 hours
Ksh 50100 minutes 5 hours
KSh 12048 minutes 7 days

How to buy minutes as a postpaid client.

  1. Register for postpaid tariff by dialing *544#.
  2. Choose whether you want to join the postpaid  service by USSD or via web.
  3. Set your monthly limit.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Select your post pay bundle plan.
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions.
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Below is the Safaricom postpaid minutes package.

Bundle Plan per monthSafaricom MinutesData
Ksh 1,050400 min5 GB
Ksh 2,1001000 min15 GB
Ksh 3,1501500 min25 GB
Ksh 5,2002500 minUnlimited data
Ksh 10,430Unlimited Unlimited data

How to redeem points to purchase Safaricom minutes

  1. Dialing *126#
  2. Select redeem minutes.
  3. Select free minutes.
  4. Select how many minutes you want to redeem.
  5. Click accept

Below is a table that shows how many minutes you can purchase with how many points.

Safaricom MinutesRedeem Points
4 min50 points
7 min100 points
15 min200 points
20 min300 points
30 min400 points
35 min500 points
55 min800 points
70 min1000 points
105 min1500 points
140 min2000 points
210 min3000 points
280 min4000 points

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