How much is StarTimes packages?-updated

The StarTimes TV subscription has great entertainment. In comparison to  GOtv and DSTV services, StarTimes is an ideal option if you are on a budget.

StarTimes Bouquets Prices

StarTimes  PackageDecoder TypeStarTimes  Package Prices (monthly)
ClassicAntennaKsh 299.00
ClassicAntennaKsh 599.00
ClassicAntennaKsh 899.00
NovaDishKsh 499.00
SmartDishKSh 999.00
SuperDishKSh 1499.00
ChineseDishKSh 1999.00

How to pay for StarTimes via M-pesa

You can pay your monthly subscription  via M-pesa, from the comfort of your home.

  1. Select M-PESA on your mobile phone
  2. Select Lipa na Mpesa Paybill Option.
  3. Enter the StarTimes business number;585858
  4. Enter the first eleven digits of your SmartCard Number as your Account Number.The smartCard number is the twelve digit number in the white box on the smartcard just under the barcode.
  5. Enter your subscription amount.
  6. Confirm details are correct, then press Send.
  7. An Sms from Safaricom will be sent to you to confirm the transaction. Your subscription will be renewed automatically.

How to solve StarTimes common errors

Envelope on your screen

An envelope on your screen means that you have a received a message from StarTimes .To read the message,

  1. Click on the MENU button on your remote.
  2. Scroll until you see CA SYSTEM MENU  and press OK.
  3. Press the red button on your remote to read the message.

No access

Your subscription has expired. To solve this error renew your subscription.

No signal on my decoder

  1. Adjust your antenna till you get a signal strength of above 40 , a signal quality of above 60 and a BER of above -7,-8,-9.
  2. After  adjusting the antenna, verify  the signal status by;
  3. Pressing MENU on your remote.
  5. Select SIGNAL STATUS.
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Decoder has no power

  1. Check if the socket to which the decoder is attached to, is working and has power.
  2. Check if the decoder power cable is tightly plugged in.
  3. Check if the decoder’s power light is on.

No service message

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