How much is Faiba?

Faiba is an internet solution that is fast, reliable and affordable. It is run by Jamii Telecommunication company also known as JTL.

Being the latest entrant into the internet space in Kenya,it is giving networks like Telkom ,Airtel and Safaricom a run for their money because of its fast but affordable internet solutions.

You can enjoy their services by purchasing either their 4G Simcard or wireless router that acts as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot commonly known as MIFI.

How much is Faiba MIFI?

Below are the Faiba MIFI prices;

Xiaomi MI router 4AKsh 4,950.00
Huawei Mobile Wifi E-5576-320Ksh 5,400.00
Huawei Mobil Wifi cute sKsh 6,500.00
Faiba Vida cpc 2000Ksh 9,500.00

How much is Faiba bundles?

BundlesExpiry PeriodPrice
1GB1 dayKsh 50.00
8 GB7 daysKsh 300.00
15 GB7 daysKsh 500.00
25 GB30 daysKsh 1000.00
40 GB30 daysKsh 2000.00
70 GB30 daysKsh 3000.00
120 GB30 daysKsh 4000.00
210 GB30 daysKsh 6000.00

How to buy Faiba bundles

  • Via M-pesa.
  • Online via pesa link.
  • Via equitel’s  eazzypay solution.
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