How much is DSTV packages in Kenya?-updated

DSTV is a TV Subscription service offered by Multichoice.It has more channels than its sister service GOtv as it offers a wide range of entertainment packages ideal for you and your family. Not limited to Movies, Documentaries, Sports Channels, Music and News channels.

Packages are priced differently depending on the type of channels available in each package.

DSTV Packages Prices

DSTV packageNumber of ChannelsPackage Prices (monthly)
PremiumOver 175 channelsKsh 7,900.00
Compact plusOver 155 channelsKsh 4,800.00
CompactOver 135 channelsKsh 2,650.00
FamilyOver 115 channelsKsh 1,380.00
AccessOver 95 channelsKsh 1,000.00
Greatwall (chinese)10 channelsKsh 700.00
French Touch9 channelsKsh 735.00
French Plus15 channelsKsh 3,340.00
Indian5 channelsKsh 4,000.00
Portuguese10 channelsKsh 5,800.00

DSTV Decoder prices

DSTV Decoder Package Price
Zapper decoder +DishKit + 1 Month AccessKsh 2,999.00
Zapper HD decoder + 1 Month AccessKsh  2,999.00
Zapper decoder +DishKit + Installation + 1 Month AccessKsh 5,199.00
Explora decoder +Dishkit + Installation + Smart LNBKsh 10,320.00

How to pay DSTV via M-pesa

  1. Go to M-pesa and select Lipa na M-pesa option.
  2. Select paybill and enter DSTV business number:444900
  3. Enter your DSTV account number which is the first 10 digits of smart card number
  4. Enter the subscription amount for the package you are paying for.
  5. Enter your M-pesa pin number.
  6. Confirm the details to complete the transaction.

How do you set parental control in DSTV?

If you would like to prevent your children from viewing certain DSTV channels, you can set parental control in the decoder.Below is the process of setting parental control.

  1. Press OK on the DSTV Remote.
  2. Scroll right and click on settings.
  3. Scroll down to parental control.
  4. Select PG settings.
  5. Enter your PG pin.
  6. Select Global blocking.
  7. Select personalize to block programs based on their PG rating.
  8. Select total block if you want to block all DSTV channels.
  9. Scroll down to parental control and set the PG settings that you would like to block. i.e. PG,PG13,13,16,18,FAM
  10. Scroll down to channel blocking and set it on.
  11. Scroll down and select blocked channels. Select the channels that you want to block and press OK to block the selected channels.
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How to solve E16/E32 DSTV error

E-16-Service is currently scrambled

This means that your subscription has expired and it ought to be renewed for you to be able to view DSTV channels.

E32-This error appears;

  •  If your decoder is not switched on.
  • If the smartcard is incorrectly inserted.
  • The channel that you are trying to view may not be part of your package.                 

Ensure the decoder is on and the smartcard is well inserted when fixing this error.

If you are not able to solve any error that you encounter with the DSTV decoder, you can contact their customer care.Below are their contacts.

DSTV Kenya customer care contact

For  any inquiries ,contact DSTV customer care number on +254711066000 or email them on

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