How much does Zuku Wi-Fi cost?

Zuku fibre also known as Fibre Triple play is an internet solution that incorporates Internet, Digital TV channels and a phone line.

You have the option of purchasing internet alone or buying the combined package.

With the triple play option, you have access to over 42 local and International TV channels, over 19 radio stations and you can make free Zuku calls.

Zuku prides itself in offering affordable internet solutions while ensuring their subscribers enjoy quality upload and download speeds.

Their fibre is completely unlimited as it runs on a no fair usage policy unlike other internet companies. This is a policy that limits your speed if you exceed your allocated threshold.

Zuku Wi-Fi cost

Internet speedsPrice(Ksh)Type
10 Mbps2,499.00Home
20 Mbps3,999.00Home
60 Mbps4,999.00Home
20 Mbps8,699.00Business
50 Mbps12,499.00Business
100 Mbps 29,999.00Business

Zuku triple play solution

As mentioned above, the triple play is a 3 in 1 package that combines the internet, TV channels and the phone. If you opt for this package, below is the amount you will pay depending on the internet speed you choose.

Zuku triple playPrice(Ksh)
10 Mbps2,799.00
20 Mbps4,199.00
60 Mbps5,299.00

Below are the triple play package features;

  • No installation fee
  • You will get a free modem that you will use to access the internet with.
  • You will get a free Digital TV decoder to view Zuku channels.
  • You get access to over 60 Local and International TV Channels
  • Zuku calls are free.
  • You get 1 month free access to the Premium package and the Asian Package.
  • You get a handset at a cost of Ksh 1,500 which comes with an airtime offer of Ksh 1,000.  You can use to the airtime to call to all networks.
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