How much does Solar Panels Cost in Kenya?

Solar energy is a renewable and affordable natural source of energy. Due to the rising cost of electricity, solar power has become quite popular in Kenya.

Many people are opting to install solar solutions in their homes with the objective of totally eliminating their KPLC electricity bill or reducing it.

In places where electricity is unavailable or where blackouts are the norm, alternative energy is the better option because of its low maintenance cost.

The cost of running and maintaining solar is very small compared to electricity or a generator.

Some of its common uses at home are;

  • To light up houses
  • To heat water
  • To power on electronics
  • To pump water from wells or boreholes
  • To light up security lights
  • To cook

There are several solar systems solutions but it basic components are;

Panel-This is a glass like panel that is mounted on a roof to capture the rays of the sun during the day.

Battery-This is a battery that stores the energy from the sun that is captured during the day to be used at night.

Inverter-This a gadget that converts the electricity stored in batteries in form of direct current(DC) to alternating current (AC)  that is used to power electronic gadgets.

If you are planning to install solar solutions in your home, below are the costs of panels, batteries and inverters from 3 main solar companies in Kenya. I.e. Chloride Exide, Davis and Shirtliff and Sollatek.

Chloride Exide solar panels, batteries and inverters

Chloride Exide is a reputable company from Kenya that has been in existence for over 25years.

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Its products have been tried and tested as they have installed a wide range of them in residential, commercial and industrial institutions.

The tables below show a breakdown of the cost of chloride Exide panels, solar batteries and inverters.

Chloride Exide panels cost

Chloride Exide PanelsTypePrice(Ksh)
12 WPB850
13 WUB930
14 WC1,000
15 WUB and PB1,070
20 WPB1,420
30 WUB and PB2,140
40 WUB and PB2,850
50 WUB and PB3,560
60 WUB and PB4,270
65 WPB4,630
80 WUB5,700
85 WPB6,050
100 WDyna, PB,UB and Poly7,120
120 WUB and PB8,550
140 WUB9,970
160 WUB and PB11,400
200 WUB and Poly14,240
250 WUB and PB17,810
260 WPB18,520
265 WUB18,870
270 WPB19,230
275 WMono,PB,Poly19,590
285 WUB20,330
300 WUB and PB21,370
320 WUB and PB22,790
325 WMono,PB,Poly23,150
335 WUB23,860
345 WUB24,570
350 WMono24,930

Chloride Exide battery cost

Chloride Exide BatteryPrice(Ksh)
Gaston 100 AH 12V28,420
Cell Tubular 100 AH 12V27,840
Cell Tubular 200 AH 12V57,250
Ritah Power 200 AH 12V49,330
Eastman 200 AH49,760
Eastman 100 AH 12V48,720
Cell Nxt 100 AH 12V28,620
Rita Power 100 AH 12V28,620
Cell Tubular 200 AH 12V52,250
Ritah  Power 2000 AH191,400

Chloride Exide inverter cost

Chloride Exide InverterPrice(Ksh)
+812 W97,440
+824 W97,440
+1212 W118,440
+1612 W137,340
+1624 W137,340
+2024 W176,440
+3024 W208,800
+3048 W155,440
TR 1524136,070
2024 W251,260
3024 renewable277,700
150 W2,540
300 W xantrex7,660
300 W Giandel3,250
500 W12,990
 12/350 W18,440
12/375  W20,180
12/500 W23,430
12/800 W43,850
12/1200 W56,260

Davis and Shirtliff solar panels, batteries and inverters

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