How I hustled my way to the top

Ever thought your hustle could be a launchpad  to making you a millionaire?  

That’s how Lilian Kemunto also known as Kiki, rose from humble beginnings to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Kisii , Kemunto attended the University of Nairobi to pursue a teaching course. It is here that she started the hustle of selling bed sheets, towels and duvets to be able to get money for her daily upkeep as the HELB loan she was getting, was not enough for her subsistence.

After her graduation, she got married and migrated to Mombasa to join her husband. She continued with the business but now started aggressively selling online over facebook.

Her determination eventually paid off and she started getting orders even from other foreign countries. This birthed an idea of launching an online shop where she could sell household items and that’s how Kiki’s mall was born.

Having successfully created a thriving business, she embarked on putting her teaching skills to use.

She did extensive research and identified a gap in the education industry that parents in Mombasa were looking for a value based school that offered an international curriculum but was not overpriced.    

She took the money that she had saved from selling the bed sheets, leased some premise and started her first school.

In the first year of running the school, she almost closed it as she had only managed to enroll one student, yet she was still incurring running expenses.

She decided to hold on to her faith a little longer , which paid off as things turned around in the second year as she enrolled 50 kids and from the proceeds of that school, opened a second school in Nyali.

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From there she has grown from strength to strength and her schools have become one of the most sought after educational institution evident from having a long waiting list of students who want to join the school.

Another business she runs is an air bnb that is hosted in an exquisite premise called Kiki’s palatial mansion. She got the idea after being hosted in an airbnb whose condition was deplorable.

She decided to set a high standard by importing all her furniture and offering exceptional service fit for a king. Again she saw a gap and fulfilled the need.

Kiki also owns an events company that is a one stop shop for setting a great party.

What can we learn from Kiki?

  • Opportunities are all around you, just have the courage to embrace them.
  • Have a saving culture, as this might just be the capital you need to launch a successful business.
  • Focus on where you want to go and keep fighting to get it. Never give up.
  • Vision and prayer can move mountains whatever you want go for it no matter how long it will take to achieve it.

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