How do I top up Telkom Kenya Airtime?

Telkom calls to other networks.

This is a bundle plan that allows you to call for 1.50/= per minute to other networks.

Type of BundleMinutes all networksPrice(Ksh)
Daily bundle10 Minutes20
30 days bundle30 minutes50
30 days bundle66 minutes100
45 days bundles333 minutes500

Telkom Mzito combo bundles

The Mzito combo plan enables on to get value for their money as you will get both minutes and data.

Mzito combo bundlesPrice(Ksh)Validity
3 GB+50 minutes500No expiry
10 GB +150  minutes1000No expiry
25 GB +400 minutes200030 days

Telkom Pawa combo bundles

With this bundle plan, you get Free Telkom calls,all networks minutes, all networks SMS and data.

Pawa combo bundlesPrice(Ksh)Validity
20 minutes extra2024 hrs
20 minutes2024 hrs
10 minutes1030 days
50 minutes503 days

Telkom International minutes bundle

International minutes bundlePrice(Ksh)Validity
160 minutes50030 days

How to sambaza Telkom airtime via ussd

  1. Dial *140#
  2. Enter the amount of credit you want to share.
  3. Enter the recipient number.
  4. Click send.

How to sambaza Telkom airtime via app

  1. Download and install My Telkom app from Google app Store
  2. Tap on the credit transfer menu in the Homepage
  3. Enter the recipient number and the amount you would like to transfer
  4. Tap on confirm to finish the sambaza process

The minimum amount you can sambaza is ksh 10 while the maximum is ksh 3500.

How much is Telkom Kenya data bundles?

If you compare data prices from other networks such as faiba and safaricom ,you will realize that telkom bundles are among the cheapest in the market.

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Daily BundlesExpiry PeriodPrice
70 MB1 dayKsh 10.00
200 MB1 dayKsh 20.00
700 MB1 dayKsh 50.00
700 MB + 700 MB Night bundle1 dayKsh 60.00
2 GB  + 2 GB Night bundle1 dayKsh 100.00
5 GB bundles (12 AM-6 AM)6 hoursKsh 50.00
Weekly BundlesExpiry PeriodPrice
350 MB7 daysKsh 49.00
750 MB7 daysKsh 99.00
2.5 GB7 daysKsh 249.00
Monthly BundlesExpiry PeriodPrice
2 GB30 daysKsh 249.00
5 GB30 daysKsh 499.00
12 GB30 daysKsh 999.00
30 GB30 daysKsh 1999.00
50 GB30 daysKsh 2999.00

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