How do I check my CRB record?

Planning to get a loan and wondering if you qualify to get one or not?

Lending institutions check with Credit Reference Bureau’s (CRB) to find out if you are credit worthy for them to give you a loan.They do their due diligence with the aim of reducing their financial risk by granting loans to only those people whose credit record is good.This applies to all types of loans from mobile loans to student loans there is no exception.

Before applying for a loan,we recommend you check your status with any CRB to determine whether your credit core is good or in default.

If you have any outstanding loan that you have defaulted, we recommend you pay it first before applying for a new loan as chances are that your loan application might be rejected.

You can check your credit status from any of the 3 licensed credit bureaus:

  • Metropol Corporation
  • Transunion Africa
  • Credit info

How to check CRB status online via Metropol Corporation

  1. Metropol crystobol app
  2. Ussd by dialing *433#

How to check CRB status online via Metropol crystobol app

  1. Download the Metropol cystobol app from Google play store 
  2. Click get started
  3. Sign up on the app
  4. Register with your personal details
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions
  6. Confirm your details
  7. A reference number is sent to your phone which the app will automatically verify
  8. Login into the app with your phone number and pin
  9. Click on credit report link to download the report

How to check CRB status online via metropol USSD

  1. Dial *433# from a Safaricom registered line
  2. Enter your ID Number.
  3. Enter Agent number if referred by an agent, if not enter 0
  4. Confirm your details
  5. Pay via metropol M-pesa paybill 186644 the required fee.
  6. If it’s your first time registering in metropol you will pay a registration fee of Ksh 100.
  7. If you are logging in for the subsequent time to download your credit report you will be a charged a levy of Ksh 250 and if you are checking your credit score you will be a charged a fee of Ksh 150.
  8. After paying the prerequisite fee, a reference number will be sent to your phone as a text message.
  9. Go to the metropol website and login by entering your phone number and the reference number received.
  10. After successful login, click on the link displayed on the screen to download your credit report or check your credit score
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With Metropol you are entitled to one free report per year. A fee of Ksh 250 is charged for any subsequent report requested within a year.

How to check CRB status online via Transunion

  • Transunion Nipashe app
  • Send a text message to 21272

How to check CRB status online via Transunion Nipashe app

  1. Download the Transunion Nipashe app from Google play store
  2. Fill in your personal details
  3. Accept the terms and conditions
  4. Click activate.
  5. You will be required to pay a registration fee of Ksh 50  to access Transuniuon services. Pay via Safaricom M-pesa paybill 212121 or Equitel paybill 212120 with your ID number as the account number
  6. Once you make the payment  click activate again
  7. Click on the credit report menu to access your report. The credit report will be sent to you in your email address so check your inbox.

How to check CRB status online through Transunion SMS option

  1. Send a text message with your name to 21272
  2. Pay a one-off registration fee of Ksh 50 to Safaricom paybill 212121 with your ID Number as the account number.
  3. You can then request your credit report which they will send to you instantly.

With Transunion ,you are entitled to one free report per year. For any subsequent report within that year, a levy of Ksh 300 is charged.

How to check CRB status online through Creditinfo

  1. Go to creditinfo website
  2. Enter your personal details
  3. Attach a clear copy of your id
  4. Click submit
  5. Your credit report will be sent to your email address

With Creditinfo,all online applications are charged a verification fee.

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You are entitled to a free report once every 12 months. Any subsequent report requested within the 12 month period is charged.

How to get CRB clearance online

A clearance certificate is a document that shows that you have a good credit status and that you have cleared all your outstanding debts or are paying your loans promptly.

You can get your CRB clearance certificate either through Metropol, Transunion or Creditinfo credit reference bureau. Register in any of the three credit reference bureau’s and request for a clearance certificate.You must have cleared your outstanding loans for you to obtain one.

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