SGR booking

This is a standard gauge railway that runs from the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi to the coastal city of Mombasa.

It is a fast, efficient and convenient mode of transport as it travels at a speed of 120km/hr.

Commonly known as Madaraka Express, it has two types of seats; i.e. economy class seats and first class seats.

It has a capacity of one thousand two hundred and sixty passengers.

It is quite popular during the holidays as most people use it to travel to the coast as the sgr fare is cheap and its also safe.

The sgr train runs two types of services; the inter-county train that makes stopovers along the railway and the express train that does not stop along its journey.

Sgr booking is done through the following 4 ways;

  • Online booking
  • Booking via mpesa through your phone
  • Through the Sgr App
  • Over the counter at the various terminuses

How to book sgr via online

  1. Go to the Madaraka Express online platform
  2. Select the train type i.e inter-county or express train
  3. Select the town you are departing from
  4. Select your destination
  5. Select your departure date
  6. Select your departure time(this option is only available for the express option)
  7. Click on book a train to view how many seats are available, the fare price , the departure and arrival  time.
  8. Select how many people you are traveling with
  9. Select the coach type i.e. economy class seats or first class seats
  10. Click book a train
  11. Enter your personal details in the booking window.
  12. Enter your payment details. Payment is via mpesa.
  13. Agree to the terms and conditions
  14. Choose the pay now or pay later payment option. Whichever is convenient to you.
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Once you pay, an sgr ticket is generated and sent to you as a text message or by email .

The ticket contains a booking code which will be scanned at the departing station on the day of travel.

How to book sgr via phone

  1. Dial  *639# on your phone
  2. Select the type of train i.e Inter-county ,Nairobi-Msa Express ,Mombasa-Nrb Express
  3. Select where you are departing from
  4. Select your destination
  5. Enter travel date
  6. Choose the type of coach i.e first class or economy
  7. Enter total number of passengers traveling
  8. Enter how many children passengers that are between the ages of 3-11 years that are traveling
  9. Enter the child’s name, gender ,guardian id, nationality and age
  10. Select whether to pay now or pay later
  11. If you choose the pay now option the amount will be deducted from your M-pesa account once you enter your pin
  12. If you choose the pay later option, pay via Lipa na M-pesa option, paybill:809888, Account no: 4027177

How to book sgr via app

  1. Go to Google app store
  2. Download the sgr Kenya app and install it on your phone
  3. Book a train by selecting train type i.e inter county or express
  4. Select where you are departing from
  5. Select your destination
  6. Select the departure date
  7. Select the number of passengers travelling
  8. Enter the travellers details
  9. Enter the safaricom registered mobile number that will be used to pay for the ticket
  10. Choose the pay now or pay later option and make your payment

How to book sgr at the terminuses

You can visit your nearest railway station and purchase your sgr ticket.

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The terminuses along the standard gauge railway are Nairobi, Athi River, Emali, Kibwezi, Mtito Andei, Voi, Miasenyi, Mariakani and Mombasa stations.

You can book your ticket 60 days in advance for individuals and 62 days for group bookings.

For group bookings contact their customer care for them to reserve seats for you.

Why should I travel with SGR?

  • It is a safe mode of transport as compared to road transport which is prone to accidents.
  • Enjoy the scenic views of Kenya landscapes and wildlife in the savanna grasslands found along the route.
  • Excellent customer service by the crew thus you will get to enjoy your trip.
  • Experience diverse cultures as you will get to interact with different types of passengers.
  • Experience a smooth journey thanks to the spacious comfortable seats and airy cabins.

How many trips does the train make in a day?

The express train makes two round trips in a day. The departure time of the 1st train is at 3.00 pm and the 2nd train is at 10.00pm

The inter-county train makes one trip in a day .It departs at 8.00 am and arrives at its final destination approximately after six hours while making stopovers at various terminus along the route.

How much is SGR Fare?

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