How can I register as an employer in NHIF?

register online as an employer in NHIF

There are two ways you can register as an employer in NHIF;

  • Register online through the NHIF employer portal.
  • Physically visiting any of the the insurance 95 service points or any Huduma center countrywide

How to register as an employer online

  1. Go to the NHIF employer portal
  2. Fill in the company details
  3. Attach a copy of the certificate of company registration
  4. Attach a copy of your company pin certificate
  5. Click to confirm the details
  6. An employer code will be generated .

How can I register my NHIF online for employees?

As an employee you can register online by dialing *155 # or visiting the NHIF portal.

To get the step by step registration process, check out this article on how to register with NHIF.

With employee registration, you will be prompted to enter the employer code which can be obtained from your HR department or any branch countrywide. You can also find the employer code by contacting customer care on toll free number 0800 720 601.

After registration, a membership number will be sent to you via SMS.

NHIF byproduct upload process

The insurance has introduced an NHIF employer portal that is convenient and efficient in paying employee’s monthly contribution.

Below is the process of making employee payments via online;

  1. Login to your NHIF employer portal
  2. Enter your employer code and password
  3. Download the NHIF byproduct sample excel sheet
  4. Fill in your company and employee details in the excel sheet
  5. Save the byproduct sample
  6. Upload, validate and submit the NHIF byproduct file in the online portal
  7. Once you submit the file, an Eslip is generated. An Eslip contains the NHIF byproduct number, employer code, name of company, month of contribution and total amount of payments.
  8. The NHIF byproduct number is important as it this is what you will use as the account number if paying employee contributions via M-pesa.
  9. Alternatively you can print the Eslip and use it to pay employee payments at the nearest National bank, KCB bank , Co-operative bank, Equity bank or NCBA bank..
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NHIF rates 2022

Monthly payments are calculated through a graduated scale on gross salary. Below is a breakdown of the current NHIF Rates

                                                      MONTHLY PREMIUMS

Gross Income (Kshs)

Monthly contribution































100,000 and above




How to pay NHIF via mpesa – employer

  1. Go to M-pesa menu
  2. Select Lipa na M-pesa
  3. Enter 200222 as the Paybill number
  4. Enter the NHIF byproduct number generated after submitting your byproduct as the account no
  5. Enter the total amount of your employee contribution (should not exceed Ksh 150,000)
  6. Click OK and confirm the details
  7. You will receive a confirmation text from Safaricom
  8. The payments will be reflected automatically in the employees Accounts.

When is the deadline for paying NHIF?

Monthly premiums are due on the 9th of every month, failure to which a penalty is charged for late remission. 

It is advisable you pay early in the month so as to avoid last minute rush as most employers tend to remit their contribution on the last day.

How to pay NHIF penalty for employer

In case of late payment of employee monthly contributions, an employer is charged a penalty of twice the amount of payments to be made.

To pay the penalty, ensure you get a NHIF byproduct number from the nearest office and present it in either, Cooperative bank, KCB, National bank or Equity bank together with the money to settle the fine.

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If an employer has a genuine reason for not submitting the employee contributions on time, he can request a waiver of the penalty from the insurance in writing. A penalty committee in the domicile branch deliberates on the plea and recommends the amount of waiver to give if any.

How can I change my employer in NHIF?

If you have recently changed companies or have moved from being employed to self employment, you can update your details to reflect the correct status by filling an ammendment form in the nearest office.

Attach a copy of your ID and a copy of letter of appointment to the new job if changing employers.

How can I get NHIF compliance certificate?

The insuarance has made it convenient for employers to apply for their compliance certificate. Below is the process of obtaining a compliance certificate;

  1. Go to the NHIF employer portal
  2. Login with your username and password
  3. Click on compliance certificate menu
  4. Click apply

Ensure your employer account is up to date and you have no penalties.

It takes a couple of days for your application to be processed.

After 48 hours, access your NHIF employer portal to download your compliance certificate.

The compliance certificate covers a duration of 3 months and you have to re-apply for a new one after it expires.

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