Competency based curriculum in Kenya

The competency based curriculum commonly known as CBC, is an education system that seeks to nurture a learner’s potential, gifts and talents.

Due to the weaknesses of the 8-4-4 system, reforms were undertaken to develop a curriculum that puts more emphasis on impacting practical skills rather than acquisition of content.

The goal of Competency based learning is to have an education system that is hands on. A system that encourages creativity and problem solving so that youths are able to take advantage of opportunities available to them.

The ultimate objective of the curriculum is to nurture learners who love learning and are keen and focused and able to apply what is learnt in order to make constructive contribution with other peers and the world through enhancing digital literacy and mastery.

Vision of CBC

To enable every Kenyan to become an engaged, empowered, ethical citizen. This is achieved by providing skills and knowledge to every Kenyan student that they need, to thrive.

Mission of CBC

To nurture every learner’s potential.

National Goals of Education

The CBC is anchored on the National Goals of Education. They are

  1. Foster nationalism and promote national unity-Kenya is made up of over 42 tribes. The competency based curriculum teaches learners to respect and embrace different cultures across the country. It promotes a sense of national pride.
  1. Promote social, economic, technological and industrial needs for national development-The new system is set to instill critical skills to students that will enable them;
  • Participate effectively in the social circles.
  • Support themselves economically.
  • Become competent in technology in tandem with global trends.
  1. Promote individual development and self-fulfillment-CBC will enable learners realize their full potential by helping them develop their gifts, talents and characters.
  1. Promoter sound moral and religious values-Sound moral and religious values are inculcated in every learner as the values are enshrined in the curriculum through various religious subjects.
  1. Promote social equity and responsibility-The new system provides an inclusive and equitable access to quality education and differentiation education to all learners.
  1. Promote respect for and development of Kenya’s rich and varied cultures-Indigenous languages are taught thus enabling learners value their own culture, embrace positive culture practices and respect other people’s culture.
  1. Promote international consciousness and foster positive attitudes other nations-Foreign languages are taught as part of the subjects. This helps students appreciate diverse nations and participate effectively in the international arena.
  1. Promote positive attitude towards good health and environmental protection-Environmental activities and health education are taught to help learners promote environmental conservation and educate them on the importance of well being of self and others.
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Features of CBC

  1. Communication and collaboration-The competency based curriculum aims to teach students how to communicate effectively and work together to realize shared goals as these are important life skills.
  1. Self-efficacy-This is self-belief that one can perform and accomplish a hard task .Learners with high self- belief, approach difficult tasks as challenges rather than threats to be avoided.
  1. Critical and problem solving-The new system teaches learners to think critically by guiding them on how to reason, make judgments and solve problems. This is a key competence for life-long learning.
  1. Creativity and imagination-It enables students find creative solutions to the problems they are facing, thus turning their dreams into reality with ease.
  1. Citizenship-Pertinent and contemporary issues are taught in the competency based learning. Global citizenship is cultivated in all the main subjects by helping students understand they live in a world that is interconnected and should respect others and the planet they live in.

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