Safaricom home fibre

Safaricom home fibre is an internet service that is fast, reliable and unlimited. Known for its innovative solutions, Safaricom has installed fibre in selected zones where its subscribers can connect to. In places where the fibre has not been installed yet, you have the option of subscribing to the 4G home plans and get to … Read more

How much does Zuku Wi-Fi cost?

Zuku fibre also known as Fibre Triple play is an internet solution that incorporates Internet, Digital TV channels and a phone line. You have the option of purchasing internet alone or buying the combined package. With the triple play option, you have access to over 42 local and International TV channels, over 19 radio stations … Read more

Which is the cheapest Wi-Fi in Kenya?

There has been a raging debate over which is the cheapest Wi-Fi here in Kenya. We sought to find out by analyzing different internet solutions offered by the main telecoms in Kenya. The internet companies that we analyzed are; Safaricom Airtel Telkom Faiba from JTL Zuku We divided the internet solutions into two; fiber and … Read more

How much does Solar Panels Cost in Kenya?

Solar energy is a renewable and affordable natural source of energy. Due to the rising cost of electricity, solar power has become quite popular in Kenya. Many people are opting to install solar solutions in their homes with the objective of totally eliminating their KPLC electricity bill or reducing it. In places where electricity is … Read more

How to set up Google Analytics:Simplified

Google Analytics is a Google feature that helps you measure and track data insights of visitors who interact with your business online; either through a website or an app. Google recently upgraded their analytics feature from the old Universal analytics to a new one called Google 4 analytics. It was upgraded to accommodate all types … Read more

How to transfer money from paypal to mpesa

PayPal has partnered with Safaricom  to develop an  online money transfer service that is convenient and efficient to enable digital users send and receive funds over the internet. The PayPal mobile money service with M-pesa  has become a popular money transfer method  because of the increase of mobile phones as opposed to the card online … Read more