How to change NHIF hospital online

There are three ways you can change an NHIF hospital online Dial *155# on your phone Change via the NHIF portal Download MYNHIF app How to change NHIF hospital using phone Dial *155# on your phone Select your preferred language i.e English or Kiswahili Select National Health Scheme Enter your ID number A one-time password … Read more

NHIF penalties

NHIF penalties are fines that are imposed on either a contributor or an employer for failure to remit contributions or paying them past the due date which is usually the 9th of every month. The penalty for a self-employed person is 50% of the monthly contribution. i.e. Ksh 250 for every month defaulted or late. … Read more

NHIF comprehensive cover

A comprehensive cover is a managed scheme where an institution has negotiated with NHIF to offer an enhanced medical scheme to its employees. Just like how a company can contract a private insurance such as jubilee to offer a medical scheme to its employees, is the same way an institution can contract NHIF to offer … Read more

NHIF supa cover

The supa cover is a national medical scheme offered by NHIF to its members and their declared dependents. Any Kenyan who attains the age of 18 can automatically qualifies for NHIF super cover. If you are self-employed and would like to get an affordable and quality health insurance then the super cover is ideal for … Read more

How to pay NHIF

Every member who is registered with NHIF whether self-employed or employed is required by law to pay its contributions. If you are self-employed, your monthly contribution is Ksh 500 while for an employee the amount ranges from Ksh 150 to Ksh 1700 which is determined by your monthly gross salary. To know how much you … Read more

How NHIF works in Kenya

NHIF works by pooling resources from its membership to pay for treatment for those who fall sick. NHIF generates its revenue from its monthly membership contribution where a self-employed person contributes Ksh 500 while those in formal employment make a monthly payment of Ksh 150 to Ksh 1700 which is deducted from their salary and … Read more