Covid testing centers in Nairobi

Covid 19 or Corona as we commonly know it ,is a pandemic that originated from Wuhan town in China in December 2019 and quickly spread across the world infecting and killing millions of people.

In March 2020, WHO declared it a pandemic and countries started taking the necessary measures such as closing borders to protect their citizens but it was a case of too little too late as the disease had already spread widely.

Since then, countries have established testing centres to test for coronavirus with the aim of detecting the disease early so as to help curb its spread  by placing the sick on quarantine and treating them as soon as the Covid test comes back positive.

Below is a list of Covid testing centres in Nairobi and the price charged for the Covid test.

Covid 19 testing centres in Nairobi

Covid  Testing HospitalCovid  Test PriceContact
Nairobi HospitalKsh 8,000.000703082000
Nairobi WestKsh 6,000.000755952433
Amref Medical CentreKsh 5,700.000110850138
Aga Khan HospitalKsh 7,500.000709931700
Lancet LaboratoriesKsh 6,500.000729 111110
Nairobi South HospitalKsh 6,000.00 0205145300
KU Teaching Refferal HospitalKsh 3,000.000710642513 / 0780900519
Medanta AfricareKsh 10,000.00 0732109100
Kenyatta National HospitalKsh 5,000.000709854000 /0730643000
Gertrude’s Children’s HospitalKsh 7,000.000207206000
Mbagathi HospitalKsh 5,000.000202724712
MediHeal Hospital UpperHillKsh 6,000.000786 871939
Mater HospitalKsh 6,000.000719 073000
Coptic HospitalKsh 6,000.000734590904
Avenue HospitalKsh 9,900.000732175000
Karen HospitalKsh 12,500.000726222001/ 0726222002
MP Shah HospitalKsh 8,900.000204291100
KemriKsh 4,500.000722205901

Please note that prices are subject to change and you should contact the testing center to confirm if there are changes to the price.

Types of Covid test

  • Antigen Test

Also known as rapid test, this is a test done to check for the protein element that is unique to coronavirus. It is more accurate, if you have Covid 19 symptoms. The antigen test has a fast turnaround time as it normally takes 15 minutes to 1 hour to get results.

  • PCR test

This is a test done  by analyzing the genetic element of the coronavirus. It is the most preferred test especially for travellers as the virus can be detected within days of infection even if you have no symptoms. The turnaround time to get results is a bit longer than the antigen test.

If you are travelling, most countries require that you must have taken a PCR test at least 24 hours before travel and have a Covid certificate with you.

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