Why Kenya Changed Its Education System

Kenya is in the process of changing its education system from the 8-4-4 curriculum to the competence based learning in order to address a number of challenges. The changes are expected to help improve the quality of education in Kenya. These changes have been a long time coming for many reasons. In this blog post, … Read more

Challenges facing university education in Kenya

I am a university student in Kenya, and I want to talk about the challenges that we face as students. The quality of education is going down largely because the government doesn’t provide enough money to fund universities and colleges. I also feel that most of the content that is taught in universities is outdated … Read more

Challenges facing education in Kenya and solutions

The Kenyan education system is in a state of crisis. The country has been struggling to educate its citizens for many years, and the problem does not seem to be improving anytime soon. There are many obstacles that face Kenya’s education system, and these challenges must be met head on if students are ever going … Read more

Challenges facing teacher training in Kenya

Education is the backbone of any nation. It is through education that a country can develop its resources and help it grow economically, politically and socially. Teaching has been identified as one of the most fulfilling professions because it gives you opportunities to make an impact on society by helping others acquire knowledge in various … Read more

Highest paying careers in Kenya

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Most marketable diploma courses in Kenya

Have you just completed high school and are now searching for the best diploma courses in Kenya that you can do to kick start your career? Worry no more as Kenya currently boasts of more than 160 diploma programs, with new ones being introduced every year. Diploma courses in Kenya are short, intense programs that … Read more