Car wash machines prices

A car wash business is one of the most lucrative ventures in Kenya due to the high number of cars imported yearly .The demand for car washes has risen over the years as majority of people find it convenient to clean their cars there instead of at home.

If you are contemplating to start a business in this industry, one of the main tools of trade that you require is a car wash machine.

There are a wide variety of car wash machines available in the market. They vary according to type of fuel i.e. petrol or electricity, capacity, engine power and brand.

Factors to consider when purchasing a car wash machine

When selecting a machine, there are key factors you ought to consider;

Usability– How many vehicles will it be servicing in a day? If you are anticipating your car wash to be busy, it is prudent you purchase a heavy duty machine that will not give out after a few washes.

Type of fuel-Do you have access to electricity and if so, is the power reliable?  You could opt for petrol run machine to mitigate this.

Cost– An electricity washing machine costs more than a petrol one. So if you are low on a budget, consider purchasing the later one.

Machine efficiency-Different machines have different PSI power. The higher the PSI the more powerful it is.

Water flow rate-At what rate is the machine pumping water? The higher the flow rate the more water it ejects. This will help you clean the vehicle quickly.

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Pressure– Look for a machine whose nozzle ejects water at a high speed. The higher the water pressure the easy it is to clean a car and remove grime and mud from it.

Engine power-Look for a machine that has a hose power of at least 5 Hp as it determines the water pressure and its flow rate.

Hose length-How long is the cleaning wand? Can it enable you move around the vehicle with ease without carrying the machine around. The longer it is, the easier the cleaning will be.

Portability-It should be easy to move around preferable with a handle or with wheels.

Types of car washing machines in Kenya

  • Aico
  • Karcher
  • Pacwell
  • Pioneer

Aico car washing machine

This is a versatile machine that is growing in popularity because of its great price and quality.

Some of its features include;

  • Self-priming -It can draw water from an external source such as a tank.
  • Portable-It is easy to move it around.
  • Powerful-It produces a hose power of 6.5
  • Easy to maintain- Its spare parts are readily available.
  • Convenient-It has a telescopic handle that makes it easy to clean even in the smallest places that you cannot reach by hand.
  • Versatile: It can be used both in horizontal and vertical positions.
  • Thanks to its automatic motor and pump it has a high cleaning power.

Karcher car washing machine

This is a cash washing machine made in Germany and the most preferred brand in Kenya among many car washes.

Some of its features include;

  • Adjustable nozzle-To shampoo the car, switch the nozzle to produce foam, and then adjust the nozzle to rinse it. This enables you clean the vehicle quicker.
  • Water pressure-its water pressure is among the highest among other electric machines. It has an adjustable pressure nozzle, which gives you the capability to select the pressure you want for a given job.
  • Powerful engine-its water pressure is high whether you are running its electricity or the fuel version.
  • Convenient- Its electricity version comes either cordless or corded thus enabling you clean a vehicle even when you don’t have power.
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Packwell car wash machine

This is a car washing machine that ejects water at very high pressures thus making it easy to clean and remove grime or mud from vehicles.

Some of its features include;

  • Comes with different nozzles that you can adjust to suit the cleaning you want.
  • Has a long cleaning wand to allow you to clean even in the deepest places that you can’t reach by hand.
  • It is quite portable as it is easy to move around.
  • It has various capability of saving water.
  • It has a high pressure capability of 5 HP

Pioneer car wash machine

This is a machine that is loved by many because of its reliability and affordability.

Some of its features include;

  • Able to produce high pressure when required.
  • Able to maintain a high flow rate of water thus efficient when cleaning.
  • Machine is self-priming-i.e. able to draw water from another source.
  • Found in two versions; electric and fuel.

Car wash machines costs in Kenya

Type of Car Wash MachineCost
Karcher car wash machine-petrol drivenKsh 75,000
Karcher High Pressure Washer- K 5Ksh 65,000
Aico 3200psiKsh 102,000
Aico  2400 psiKsh 70,000
Aico 2700 psiKsh 80,000
Dayliff DPW 5.5HP high pressure washerKsh 53,360
Pacwell 3450 psi Ksh 72,000
Pioneer 3450 psiKsh 70,000
Pioneer 2700 psiKsh 54,000
Hisaki 3450 psi Ksh 75,000
Pacwell 2700 psiKsh 55,000
Pioneer 2000 psiKsh 45,000


The above car wash machine prices might  differ as it depends on where you purchase them. We recommend purchasing from Jumia as their  prices are fair compared to other retail outlets.

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