Capsicum farming in Kenya

Capsicum farming in Kenya is a significant economic activity that brings in large revenues for the country.

The majority of farmers plant Capsicum on small plots of land, with the average farm size being 1-2 hectares. With increased demand for this crop, more and more people are turning to this crop as a way to earn an honest living and provide food security for their families.

There are many types of capsicum and every type has a specific use. The most popular in Kenya is the cayenne pepper which is used to spice up dishes like fish, curries or potatoes. Other varieties include bell peppers (used for salads), paprika (used as seasoning) and habanero chili peppers (spicy).

How to farm capsicum in Kenya

You can grow this crop in an open farming or in a greenhouse.

The greenhouse is the most preferred option as farmers get better yields because they are grown in a controlled environment.If you do not have the finances to set up a greenhouse you can opt for open ground farming.

Below is the process of farming capsicum in a shamba and its ideal growth conditions;

Growth conditions for Capsicum farming


They need a warm and humid environment.For optimal growth, the temperature should be between 18-30 degrees.


It is important to maintain a PH level of 6 as this will ensure that it has optimum conditions for growing in Kenya.

If you have acidic soil levels then it is necessary to add lime


It is important to water them periodically because if they are left dry for longer periods then it might affect their growth rate.

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