Booming businesses in Kenya

Are you looking to start a profitable business? Then, we would like to congratulate you because Kenya has so much potential and there are lots of opportunities available if you have the right connections–or just enough luck!

Kenya is a hub of business in Africa .There are so many opportunities here even if you don’t have a lot of capital to invest with.The key is making sure that you hit the ground running as soon as you have that idea.

In this article we will discuss some profitable businesses you can consider starting here in Kenya.

Profitable businesses in Kenya

Establishing an education institution

The education sector in Kenya has seen a huge boom recently, with schools being built all over the country to meet demand. This means there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to enter this field and start up their own institution.

You could set up your own school or a college program that would draw in students from around the country who are seeking quality education.

Especially now with the introduction of the competence based curriculum there are now numerous opportunities for schools that can be set up to meet the needs of students.

Health Care Sector

Another profitable business you could consider starting in Kenya is in the health sector.

With the government rolling out the Universal Health Care (UHC),there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to enter this field and start up their own clinic or hospital in Kenya.

Alternatively,you can also set up your own private healthcare insurance that would cater to patients who are looking for affordable but reliable insurance.

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Food Business

This is undoubtedly a great opportunity due to Kenya’s increasing middle class population with an increased spending power.

Booming supermarkets can be found in every corner of Nairobi and while they are not immune to the economic downturn, they are still doing well and there is plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter this market.

Tourism Sector

Kenya is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. If you have experience in the hospitality industry, then this could be the perfect business.

Consider setting up a franchise service such as a hotel, resort or a campsite amongst other things related to the tourism industry .

As long as you have an experienced team any company can grow quickly given the right investment and conditions.

Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications industry has grown significantly with more than 20 million subscribers and the market continues to grow rapidly.

Mobile telecom’s such as Safaricom, outsource telecommunications jobs often. This means that anyone with expertise in mobile service networks, data handling or switching as well as fixing gadgets can find plenty of work.

Clean Energy

Kenya has a lot of potential for renewable energy as well. There is currently an initiative to generate 100% clean and green electricity by 2030, which would mean new jobs in construction, plant operation and maintenance among others.

You can sell solar panels,wind turbines,water pumps and inverters to those who want to be part of the green energy revolution.

Medical Equipment and supplies

Sale of medical equipment is another booming business in Kenya.You can supply hospitals with high quality medical equipment such as scanners, ultrasound machines and the like.

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You can import medical equipment and supplies from abroad or set up a manufacturing plant to meet the demand for it.

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